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Pro Photo Podcast #66RT – Future Feelings.

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The Panel... Gavin SeimDavid ZiserDennis ZerwasDouglas CoonBarry Howell
This week the panel discusses the latest news, nigh photography, Ansel Adams, business ideas and more.

Podcast #66 forum discussion:

Notable Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Random news and ideas.
  • 47:43 Lets talk tips and business.
  • 1:15:24 Zisers Secret. FUTURE FEELINGS.
  • 1:51:20 Promoting to venues.

Viveza2 is here. You can save 15% with code PPS.

LumaVue panels are a great way to stand out.

OnOne’s new suite is here too. Save 15% with code PRPHTPC.

Olympus E-PL1 a $600 pen camera.

Get David Zisers new book. Captured by the Light.

is here. What do you think.

Treys. World in HDR book is available.

Gavin’s Color Fantasies Lightroom presets are here and ready to rock.


Thanks all… Gav

Attend Some Workshops In 2009

I’ve been making a point to attend more workshops and sessions this year. There’s just so much to learn and I owe it to my business, my clients (and you readers) to absorb information. We should all take the time to learn expand and share. Speaking of which I twitter favorite tips while I’m at sessions. You find my twitter feed here. In person workshops just have something more than you can get online.


Last night I attended David Ziser’s Digital WakeUp Call. David is the legendary photographer who writes Digital Pro Talk. He’s also a great salesman and presenter and seeing him in person was a real treat. He talked marketing, workflow, lighting and more. Wow, it was a load of information and tips a short time. Not to mention that the extras you get make the low cost of admission more than worth it and that  there were loads of great door prizes.

I also met some of you listeners there which was super cool. Afterwords David, myself and a few others who had  helped David and his wife LeDawn (what a hard worker she was) with setup lounged around and talked shop for awhile. It was a fun evening.

If you can get to the WakeUp Call don’t miss it. You can get in for $59 if you sign up with promo code ZGSDWC09


Then last week I also attended the legendary Wall Portrait Conference lead by Ken Whitmire. It’s more spendy, but a six day INTENSE workshop focusing on taking your portraits and sales to the next level.

All I can say is WOW. Ken was such a neat old guy, and all week we had great speakers Like Bruce & Josh Husdon, Sam Gardener, and many more, filling our professional quiver with more arrows. Any photographer who’s not selling large portraits from their sessions as a norm needs to attend this conference.

The WP Conference is only once a year. I’m going to try and work out a discount for PPS’ers with Ken, so stay tuned.

I’ll be talking about workshops and all I’m learning more on the podcast, but the bottom line is get out there. Their worth the time and money. There’s even my own 3 day HDR workshop coming this fall where you’ll learn how to use HDR properly, avoid overuse and take images to the next level. Check it out here.

Gavin Seim

Pro Photography Podcast #56 Roundtable. Nerds, Ziser & Outer Space:

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On Todays Show:
Gavin Seim
Kerry GarrisonDennis ZerwasDavid ZiserBrady Dillsworth


This week we talk about some great new gear and goodies, as well as hear cool tips from some great guests including the one and only David Ziser. Here’s all the glorious links and there’s a lot of them.

Podcast #56 forum discussion:


Digital Wakeup Call. Discount with promo code: ZGSDWC09

OnOne Software 15% off: Use Promo Code PRPHTPC

Photomatix Pro from HDR Soft. Save 15% with code PPS15

Cool stuff from PMA 2009:

7″ Album. Portable Photo Viewer. Would be a great client presentation tool.
David also mentioned a similar product by Digital Foci.

The Spyder Cube. Color target.


California Sunbounce. Light manipulation tools.

Hahnemuhle do it yourself gallery wraps look really cool. (found them on B&H).

I also found some videos on Hahnemuhle’s news page. And a PMA video over at CameraTown.

Trek Tek monopod .

Kerry like the Sensor Clear and Sensor Pen from Lenspen.

Acratech tripod heads looks cool and well made.

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