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Our Central WA HDR Workshop Results.


by Gavin Seim: I just hosted the first “Incredible HDR” (high dynamic range) photo workshop in Central Washington. It was an intimate three day class of six, with attendees from as far as London, so we had plenty of one on one time. The images they made were amazing. I’m really proud of the students and the creative results they produced during the workshop. We covered everything from how to capture HDR portraits, to final edits, controlling light and presentation.

I believe one of the most important parts of good HDR is knowing how to edit it. There’s a lot of really ugly HDR because photographers don’t understand what their dealing with and how to make something magical from it. Going further however I want to remind those playing with HDR that the rules of photography do not go away because a photo is HDR. Interesting subject matter, composition and attention to detail are all very important factors in a great image. The students at this workshop were from varied experience levels but I think every one of them got it and took home something valuable.

I’ll post a few images from students below as well as a few of my own I took during excursions. It seems every time I teach something, I learn something new myself. If you’re interested in learning more about my HDR workshops you can find info here on Seim Effects.


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Gavin’s Lightroom Power Workshop:

by Gavin Seim. My new Lightroom Power workshop just launched and is available for groups organizations and conferences. It’s a fun relaxed single day session that I’m looking forward to taking abroad.

I’m also considering the possibility of doing a live online workshop. I have to look into the possibilities. I won’t blather on. If you’re interested in learning more, heres the page on Seim Effects.

19 Tips for 300 Client Inquiries:


19 Tips To Get 300 Client Inquiries: Special guest post by Matt McGraw.

Vendors, vendors, vendors. Their important. From reception caterers to cake makers. I do a pre-questionnaire for my brides and grooms. In that questionnaire I find out who I am working with, from DJs ,to Florist, to cake people, to ministers to, reception places etc. I obtain all the contact information for these vendors. After the wedding I compile a list of photos that each vendor would find interest in. I splash my logo and email them the images, then say if they would like any of the photos in high res and without my logo to let me know.

For reception sites: If it’s somewhere I have never worked I’ll send them a 20X30 print with my logo splashed all over it and 4X6s of the same photo with my contact info to pass out to potential brides. I’ll also send them a disc with images they might be interested in and tell them they can use whatever photos they would like to.

Become buddies with the vendors too. For example, I’m on a “hug basis” with the sales directors of 5 major hotels in town. Their cell numbers are in my phone. I photograph their kids. I’ll sometimes meet them for a beer or two. I never promote my photography. It’s always buddy talk. Sure we talk shop sometimes, but it’s not my goal. They feel comfortable around me.

Newsletter/blog: Start one… I use constant contact set up a page and send mine out once a month. My email list is 6300 strong. Most photographers have a webpage set up. We do not.. I’m not opposed to that but I just prefer the email newsletter.

Next question for you is how we get 6300 people on there. Anyone that emails me gets on the list.
The only people who do not get on my list are emails that are inquiring where I am not available. Also I advertise in two magazines where they provide a lead sheet. I’ll copy and paste emails of brides and grooms where I am not booked. I do this once a month right before I send out the newsletter.

Advertising: In the beginning of your career, spend most of your advertising money online as opposed to print. Print is just name recognition. They’ll see or hear your name and see an ad and say I’ve heard of this photographer.

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Pro Photography Podcast #56 Roundtable. Nerds, Ziser & Outer Space:

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On Todays Show:
Gavin Seim
Kerry GarrisonDennis ZerwasDavid ZiserBrady Dillsworth


This week we talk about some great new gear and goodies, as well as hear cool tips from some great guests including the one and only David Ziser. Here’s all the glorious links and there’s a lot of them.

Podcast #56 forum discussion:


Digital Wakeup Call. Discount with promo code: ZGSDWC09

OnOne Software 15% off: Use Promo Code PRPHTPC

Photomatix Pro from HDR Soft. Save 15% with code PPS15

Cool stuff from PMA 2009:

7″ Album. Portable Photo Viewer. Would be a great client presentation tool.
David also mentioned a similar product by Digital Foci.

The Spyder Cube. Color target.


California Sunbounce. Light manipulation tools.

Hahnemuhle do it yourself gallery wraps look really cool. (found them on B&H).

I also found some videos on Hahnemuhle’s news page. And a PMA video over at CameraTown.

Trek Tek monopod .

Kerry like the Sensor Clear and Sensor Pen from Lenspen.

Acratech tripod heads looks cool and well made.

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The Incredible HDR. Three Day Workshop In WA:

Gavin Seim: I write a lot about HDR photography here on Pro Photo Show. It’s an often misunderstood animal, that when used correctly is incredibly powerful.

This has been in the works for some time, but it’s finally official. My 3 day HDR workshop will be held in Fall of 2009 in Central WA, we’re going to cover everything from basic HDR landscapes to using HDR for amazing people pictures.

This is a small workshop limited to about 15 participants. Seats are first come first serve. You can learn more over on KungFu Photo.

Pro Photography Podcast #55. Pets With Paul Walker:

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Today’s topics: Pet Photography
Host: Gavin Seim
Special Guest: Paul Walker


Notes, Deals & Links:

Podcast #55 forum discussion:

– Time Index 0:00. We start off with quick news and PPS updates.
– Time Index 7:00. Paul joins us for an informative talk about pet photography, pretty much from A-Z
– Time Index 1:24:57. Show ends. Join us for some general business and photo talk in the after show.

OnOne Software is giving listeners 20% off, good till Feb 28th. Use Promo Code PRPHT2

Photomatix Pro from HDR Soft. Save 15% with code PPS15

Seim Effects. Save 15% with promo code PPS

Follow Gavin on Twitter.

Colbert video about Amtrak photographer

Paul’s Pet Photography Workshop.
Shooting Animal Companions. 2 Day workshop.
May 19-20 2009 In New York

Check out Paul’s book. Pet Photography Now

More talk about online proofing coming soon, including updates on Smugmug.
, Zenfolio, Exposure Manager, Instaproofs, Collages. Even install your own with somethihg like Pictures Pro.