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Pro Photo Podcast #95 – Christmas Extravaganza 2013

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Today’s Panel… Gavin Seim Bary HowellMark TeskeyNina BeheimDennis ZerwasJason Eldridge

The annual Christmas show with lots of cheer and lots of great gadgets. This episode brought to you by Seim Effects and the new PHOTOGRAPHICS miniseries.

Main Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions.
  • 02:30 State of Cameras
  • 15:00 Looking back at 2013
  • 38:00 The Middle Picks
  • 58:30 Looking to 2014
  • 1:12:30 #1 ON Your Gear List
  • 1:23:30 The EPIC Pick List
  • 2:01:50 The After Show


Jordan Powers.
The PHOTOGRAPHICS miniseries.
Great USB3 reader
4 pack space blankets
Cruzer Fit, tiny flash drive
Dollar Store mini drivers

DJI Phantom Go Pro Copter.
Folding Note Board

The Back to Work Show.
Apple Store App
Intuos 4 (used) 0r 5 tablet
Ektar 100 Film.
Bugaboo Base Camp Large, Portable Cookware
Me Photo Travel tripod
Grado SR80 I Headphones.

3 LED Headlamp.
T-Sac Tea Filter.

Mophy Battery packs
(also check out these ones)
Life Proof iPhone Case

PHOTOGRAPHICS FILM Succeeds it on Kickstarter – Closes Thursday.

Back the film on Kickstarter and and save $$ on the download, DVD or Blu-Ray. Once the Kickstarter phase ends, pre-orders will be available on Seim Effects.

Photographics Trailer Final6.mp4So what have we been up to over here at Seim Studios – We just returned from 3 months on the road and a lot of work on a brand new project. A film called PHOTOGRAPHICS that takes on the artistic aspects of photography and what makes a great photograph. A journey through history and art techniques in a way that has never been done before.

We’ve already filmed a lot, but there’s more to come. We got the film accepted to Kickstarter where pre-orders have been coming in and we more than made our funding goal. We’re really excited about where PHOTOGRAPHICS is going and are eager for it’s November release. The Kickstarter pre-order backings have helped pay the bills and we’ll be working hard over the summer as we plan the the wrap up of this completely unique film. I hope you join in. It’s going to be good.



EXposed Videos Will Having You Seeing Light Like Never Before.

It seems the months of work were worth it. It’s finished and the new EXPosed series is  now available as a download or a DVD. It’s like no workshop you’ve seen and it can take your photography to a whole new level. But rather than listen to us chatter on, just take a peek at the trailer. EXposed is as good as it looks and it’s finally available. Don’t forget to use code PPS when you pick up your copy. It will save you 15%.

EXposed – The Light Workshop

See you in California for Spring 2011 workshops.

by Gavin Seim. So I’ve planned another road trip, along with Spring workshops. I’m hitting the road early April with my little family and heading to SF area for two workshops in Oakland. I’m stoked. We plan to spend about a month on the road in the RV. After the workshops, we may head up towards the Grand Canyon as I hunt for stock and landscape images, then who knows. Here’s the workshop lineup. I hope you’ll help me spread the word and I hope to see you there.

April 16-17 is  my Lights and Shadows workshop. This is a fresh 2 day event that covers HDR and beyond. It’s an intimate workshop limited to about 20 people. We’ll be doing work in the field and editing back at the home base. More info here. There’s also a Facebook event page.

On April 18th is the Lightroom Power workshop. This has something for everyone. We’ll cover basics, but also get deep into power user stuff. It’s another fun hands on workshop, so bring your laptops with LR and prepare to think differently about your editing. More info here, and the Facebook event page here.

I’m also working on setting up something for Fresno. Still working on the details of that, but stay tuned to this post or the Seim Effects FB page for details. I’ll also update the workshop pages if a new location is added. Hope to see some of you there… Gav

HDR. The new film. Not that overused fad from the 2000’s

by Gavin Seim (updated 07/11): HDR simply means High Dynamic Range. But lets face it. A lot of this HDR looks a lot like clippings from a spoof horror movie. It’s the Flickr HDR. I think this happens because many don’t really grasp what HDR is all about and how to use it well. This includes many HDR software developers. They fall for the fad instead of thinking of it as a serious photographic tool. It’s can be so powerful if used with balance.

Tufa Sunrise. Single bracket HDR pano. More details here.

Back in the day there was film. Then came digital. Then came HDR. First we merged light and dark images in special ways to get a wider range of light. HDR merging was not perfect and was often overdone, but it could produce beautiful results. Often results that looked edgy and bold. Young guys like me thought we were so cool. Capturing detail that was never seen before.

Then I started looking closer. Studying what the film forefathers had been making for years. Looking at the dynamic range and detail. I realized that HDR was really not so new. Film photography had high dynamic range also and I saw images that astounded me. Images, that had I not been told they were on traditional film, I would have assumed were digital HDR. It helped me realize something.

HDR is not a trend of over-processed, super amped, ultra edgy photos. I think many architectural photographers got this memo, but most others didn’t. I’ve talked about balance in HDR processing for some time, but what I’ve come to further realize and started teaching in Lights & Shadows Workshop is that HDR is about controlling tone. It’s about understand and managing light. Digital in itself does not yet have the dynamic range that film did, so we compensate. Just as a film photographer might have used filters, various film types and chemical process to get dynamic range in their images, we use digital manipulation. HDR photography is little more than the new film. Continue reading ‘HDR. The new film. Not that overused fad from the 2000’s’

Gavin’s HDR & LR Workshops coming to Twin Cities.

Summer is moving right along. Come September I’m hitting the road for a month in our new trailer taking a photo tour with my Family. My destination is Twin Cities and when I get there I’ll be doing a 3 day HDR workshop followed by my 1 day LR Power Workshop.

I won’t make this long. You can click below for info on either workshop. Whether you’re local or traveling in, I look forward to seeing some of you there. There’s also talk of some kind of a PPS meetup, so stay tuned… Gav

HDR Workshop 2010

LR Workshop 2010