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Atomic Feather Launches Kickstarter for a Unique Portable Camera Dolly.


Our sister company Atomic Feather Design just launched a new project that has been in the planning stages for about 9 months. It finally launched on Kickstarter. The SPEEDCinema is a versatile camera motion tool for video and time lapse work.

SPEEDCinema is a portable 3 in 1 Slider/Rail/Dolly system for video & time lapse work that features an EXPANDABLE rail system and unique a reconfigurable design.

Check it out on Kickstarter – Watch the video, get on board and help spread the word.

A portable SPEEDTube kit starts at $159 for Kickstarter backers and complete dolly kits with wheels and mounts start at just $298. The project needs to raise 25k in funding to go into production.

This is a system that’s been a long time and coming and it does something nothing we’ve seen has offered. It can be as long or short as you want, travels anywhere and configures for nearly any situation.

Worth a look.

Stunning HDR Time Lapses – Using Robotics.

A photo of Tanguy's motion control rig. More below.

by Gavin Seim: As an HDR nerd and teacher I’m not easy to impress. But this did it. Tanguy Louvigny. did this really stunning sequence of HDR time lapses and really nailed it on various levels. First, as an dynamic range guy, I really admire how the process he used in Photomatix is balanced and didn’t go for that way over the top tonemap process.

Next he managed the motion using his own rig made with Tetrix robotics, and controlled it with Mindstorms Brick (actually a Lego product), then programmed it in Robot C. Impressive indeed. You can see more photos of his rig here.

His result for all this was a really stunning body of time lapse work. I hope to look closer at the system that he used for his rig. It seems there’s some possibilities there. You can also read a bit more on picturecorrect as they did a little interview asking Tanguy some detail questions.

All in all it’s quite impressive. Watch the video below and check out his site. And since we’re on the HDR topic, I’ll throw in a shameless plug  and add that if you want to learn more about capturing and processing HDR, check out my HDR Magic video training series... Gav

Here’s a forest series he did using the same setup. Continue reading ‘Stunning HDR Time Lapses – Using Robotics.’

A Look Inside TimeScapes – DSLR Video Just Keeps Getting Better.

by Gavin Seim – I’m more a still than a video man myself. Maybe it’s because I’ve not found a way to print videos yet. Still, their value can be unrivaled and the quality that’s come about in the past few years is stunning. Not long ago ago DSLR video was a new toy. That has changed very fast.

This is a neat 25 minutes behind the scenes at Timefest 2011 and gives an inside look into Tom Lowe’s impressive TimeScapes project. And an almost equally good look at some very impressive video gear, including some brand new stuff from Kessler. To top it off, the guys hanging out are experts like Vincent Laforet, Shawn Reeder, Tom Lowe, Carson Garner, Ben Wiggins and many more.

I have to say I love the planning they put into each sequence and wish it happened a bit more in the world of stills. These guys know that if they don’t plan right, they won’t get the footage. What’s next? How about time lapses on 4×5 film drum scanned and rolled into footage. OK maybe that’s going too far. Or is it? Well just enjoy the video. Then share some thoughts about how your using DSLR video… Gav