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Seim Effects Editing Tools Spring Sale:

Spring is nearly here and our sister site Seim Effects has just launched some great deals to kick things off. Check out the site for 20-25% any of their effects.

SE has lots of fans all over the world. Their Lightroom Presets and Photoshop actions work great and they have great service to go along with it.

If you’re not wanting to lay out the moolah, you should also check the freebies section of their site with all kinds of zero dollar goodies.


Easy, Free, Multi Image Layouts For Lightroom:

Most of us know about print templates in Lightroom, but the cool secret is that you can make multi image page layouts too.

This article over on Seim Effects give the details, as well as a set of FREE layout presets to get you going. I’m pretty stoked about the new possibilities of making multi image layouts right from Lightroom. While it won’t replace In Design for my full scale albums, it’s so fast at making quick attractive layouts for things like Press Printed Books. Check it out.

Seim Effects Launches Power Workflow2

banner3 Power Worklfow Lightroom Presets Finally Here

10/31/08 Seim Effects Photo Tools. Power Workflow 2 now available.

Our sister site, Seim Effects has just announced Power Workflow2

“The Power Workflow Lightroom preset collection was launched in 2007, and proceeded to be one of the most effective and popular Ligtroom preset collections available. Power Workflow2 goes to the next level by adding new effects, better auto corrections, and Enhanced support for Lightroom2, utilizing tools such a post crop vignette”.

This is a pretty exciting realese over at SE. I know many PPS readers are users of the SE Workflow. There’s an introductory price for the new set, and exsisting owners have been sent discount upgrade coupons. Go check it out folks and don’t forget you can use promo code PPS to save 10%

Using Lightroom’s Auto Sync to edit faster

By Gavin Seim: Today I want to share a tip that some of you may already be using, but many others have not delved into. It’s called Auto Sync.

Within Lightroom’s Develop Module (D) you can select multiple images in the filmstrip and you’ll see the sync button appear on the bottom of the right panel. You can select the images you wish to sync, and click Sync. It will ask what settings you want to apply, then apply those settings to the selected images. OK so most of us know this already, and while it can be a big time saver there’s still more.

Auto Sync is slightly more hidden, but very useful. With your images selected, hold CNTRL (Win) CMD (Mac) and the Sync button now turns into the Auto Sync button. Click on the Auto Sync button to activate it. It now stays active until you click again to turn it off. Continue reading ‘Using Lightroom’s Auto Sync to edit faster’

Seim Effects Free Presets, Actions, on Facebook

Seim Effects, our sister site has a cool new deal for fans. Many of use PPS listeners and readers use the Seim Effects workflow, and not their on Facebook.

“Here’s the plan. I make a LOT of effects, some of which don’t make the final collections, and many of which do. For Seim Effects club members I’m going to be sending out free goodies for you to try out, and hopefully give feedback on so you can have your say in future releases. Also for being a part of the club you’ll get special discounts and promotions.

All you have to do is become a Seim Effects fan on Facebook. Also you can follow me on Twitter to get updates, cool stuff, and a stream of cool photo related ideas and links. Join us on both!”

Of course you cal also fan Pro Photo Show on their facebook page as well ;) the link for that is in the upper left nav bar.

It’s FREE! So join the club. Here’s the links

Adobe Lightroom 2 is here!

Lightroom 2

Adobe has just realeased Lightroom 2. The ever popular workflow tool for photographers. You can find the press release here.

At $299.00 (99.00 upgrade from V1) Lightroom two is still a Benjamin more than Aperture, but holds the biggest market share to be sure. We’re pretty excited over here. Here’s a list of some of the best new features as outlines on Adobe.

  • Local adjustment brush
  • Enhanced organizational tools
  • Volume management
  • Extensible architecture
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Flexible print package functionality
  • Streamlined Photoshop CS3 integration
  • Enhanced output sharpening
  • 64-bit support for Windows® and Mac OS

I’ve been using beta 2 myself for some time, but will defiantly be getting the full 2.0 release and getting into it. I’m eager to push the limits a but further with my Lightroom Presets We’ll also be talking on the show about it soon.

 Updates! Here’s a few articles worth checking out.