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PPS Christmas Giveaway Contest Is Here:

FREE photo goodies. Enter Here

The Pro Photo Show Christmas/Winter contest is here. There’s a load of great prizes we’re giving away from a bunch of sponsors including Adobe, OnOne, Kubota Image Tools, B&H Photo Video, Lensbabies, Rick Sammon, Seim Effects.

You must enter by January 1st. What more can I say. All you have to do is enter and it only takes a moment. For prizes, details and rules just hop over to the entry page. Good luck, Gavin

Seim Effects Free Presets, Actions, on Facebook

Seim Effects, our sister site has a cool new deal for fans. Many of use PPS listeners and readers use the Seim Effects workflow, and not their on Facebook.

“Here’s the plan. I make a LOT of effects, some of which don’t make the final collections, and many of which do. For Seim Effects club members I’m going to be sending out free goodies for you to try out, and hopefully give feedback on so you can have your say in future releases. Also for being a part of the club you’ll get special discounts and promotions.

All you have to do is become a Seim Effects fan on Facebook. Also you can follow me on Twitter to get updates, cool stuff, and a stream of cool photo related ideas and links. Join us on both!”

Of course you cal also fan Pro Photo Show on their facebook page as well ;) the link for that is in the upper left nav bar.

It’s FREE! So join the club. Here’s the links

Free Lightroom 2.0 E-seminar this Friday

Lightroom 2

Our friends over at the CameraDojo blog have announced an e-seminat that will take place this Fri 1:PM PST talking about tips for Adobe Lightroom 2.

It’s being hosted by Rick Miller. We’re told that these are usually closed events but if you head on over to Cameradogo they’ve got an invite code that their sharing and it will get you in. If you have some free time on Fri, check it out, and get some new knowledge.

Lightroom Tip: Install & Manage Presets Like A FANATIC

by Gavin Seim. Updated 01/2010:

Most of us use and love Adobe Lightroom. One of my favorite features is presets. One click WOW & workflow for our photo’s. I even make some very popular preset collections that I sell over on Seim Effects.

So there’s a couple of ways to install Lightroom presets and today I’m gonna show you both, including the guru method. I’m talking about develop presets, but it should be noted that these methods are essentially the same with any user preset, such as print presets, gallery presets etc. If your installing brush presets see this article. Also, I’m using a Mac, but the same process will work on Windows.

How to install lightroom presets

Start by going into the Develop Module (shortcut D) On the left panel you'll see your presets.

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Free Lightroom Presets | The Ultimate Free Presets List:

The power of presets. Mouse over for before image. Get Gavin’s Lightroom and Aperture presets on from seimeffects.com

The Free Lightroom Presets Directory: by Gavin Seim. (Updated 10/07/2013)


One of the most powerful features of Adobe Lightroom is presets. And you’ve just found the biggest, best maintained list of free LR presets anywhere. I hunt the web for these, trying to add the best and filter out the dead ends. There’s plenty to browse. And feel free to share your favorites in the comments (freebies only).

LR4 and LR5 Presets: The develop module changed in LR4 and most LR3 presets will not fully function under the new process. As more LR4 presets are becoming available I’ll add to the list. I’ll also note listings that I’ve been able to verify are LR4 Compatible. Non-marked listing may be LR1,2 and 3 only.

NOTE: In LR 1-3 separate JPEG and RAW presets were needed. In LR4 this is not the case. since the process changes, all images are processed the same and any LR4 preset works on any image.

Also check out my presets for Lightroom 1-5. My full collections are guaranteed are worth the cost. But there’s also loads of freebies (linked below). I’m fanatical about quality and honored that they’ve become so well regarded my peers. OK, now on to the goodies. Oh and if you use Apple Aperture, here’s the free Aperture presets list.

Also check out…

Top Free LR Preset picks

6000+ Facebook Fans say it best – Seim Effects are the ultimate LR presets.

More Free Presets Worth Noting: These may not be large sets but they may have potential…

Other Random Presets: Some of these have obscure links, some with only 1 preset. But if you crave more…

Free Lightroom Brush PresetsHow To Install Brush Presets

LR4 Brushes…

LR2-3 Brushes

Free Lightroom Print Presets/Templates:


Free Lightroom Presets. By Gavin Seim

I use using Lightroom Presets like crazy. I’ve decided to add to the mix of free Lightroom presets, with a few of my favorites that come from my Power Workflow2 Lightroom presets.

On to the free stuff. These have both RAW & JPEG versions just like you’ll find in my PW2 collection. You can also find more of my free presets right here.

These are a few of my favorite special effects from my Power Workflow. 400 is loosely based on the very popular “300”series by Mikelao. It’s a cool fantasy effect that adds some snappy drama to a scene.

Fantasy is a preset I use all the time, and have found it to be very useful since it gives a creative look. Fantasy Basic is a great lightweight general use effect that gives a nice gentle look. It works great on nearly any image. There’s more variations in the my complete set but this should get you rocking!


More than everyday Presets: POWER WORKFLOW Lightroom Presets by Gavin Seim. Define your style!!