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Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website?


Note: There’s are web designers who will build WP sites. While I don’t offer web design services myself I do offer consultation by the hour for those that need advice or want to manage it themselves. You can find that here.

By Gavin Seim. Updated 01/10: With a Word Press site I can probably do anything you can with your site and more. It’s a good platform with great add on’s and it’s easier for me because I have control. I can pick from thousands of free themes on the net, mod them how I want and get my own look.

Besides Pro Photo Show here’s a few of my other sites built entirely in WordPress.

Word Press is a platform that many bloggers use. Many photographers use it for their blogs in fact. What many don’t realize is how much of a content management system WP is, and how good it is for building a complete photographers website. It’s like the simplicity of blogging, but for your entire website.

I use it on all of my sites and can make my blog and website all one. I like that integration a lot. Images can be posted equally easy on static pages or blog posts via your online admin panel. Flash or HTML slideshows can easily be made in Photoshop, or one of my favorites ShowIt Web, and embeded right into the pages for my galleries.

Here’s some thoughts on using WordPress for your next website. Besides the fact that it’s FREE.

  • 1. Ease
    I could go on all day about the cool things you can do with WP. It’s not just function, it’s simpicty. Granted to really customize things you either need to be willing to take the time to learn, or simply get someone who’s a web geek. As an example. I can start with a theme, and build a good looking site in an afternoon. After that making changes is only a web browser away, and can be done without much experience. It’s so much more powerful than a traditional HTML site, and far easier to manage than a flash site. Continue reading ‘Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website?’

HDR Portrait & Wedding Photography Techniques (2nd Edition)

Look To The Wind. HDR by Gavin Seim. Canon 30D

~ Check out Gavin’s HDR workshops. More details here.

Updated 07/2009: Revamped & improved article. Added a new segment dealing with movement and blur (towards bottom).

by Gavin Seim: In 2007 I wrote an article about using true HDR techniques with people. Yep, portraits, fashion and wedding images can be utterly amazing using High Dynamic Range. HDR is not just reserved for nature and still life. We’ve been using it at Seim Studios for some time now and it blows clients away. Heres some of my secret sauce to get you started with HDR portraits and a few of my own images.

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What’s HDR All About?
First lets cover basics. If you’re already an HDR master you can skip this part. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It’s better seen than described, so other than the images I’ve included in this article, you can see more on my website.

HDR is the combining of light and dark tones of multiple images taken at varied exposure levels and then blended using software like Photomatix, Photoshop, or another HDR program. Photomatix is the most popular among HDR fans and we have a deal worked out with them. You can save 15% with promo code PPS15. Basically this software blending allows the photographer to selectively choose how much light he wants in various parts of the image. You’ll have a light to dark range that’s much higher than that of a normal exposure, thus giving you much more control over the final image.

You can also check my two PPS episodes from 2007, talking about HDR and HDR portraits. HDR Podcast Part1 & HDR Podcast Part2. There’s also PPS #57, an HDR episode with Trey Ratcliff that’s full of insight.

Continue reading ‘HDR Portrait & Wedding Photography Techniques (2nd Edition)’

Pro Photo Show #33 ~ Album Print/Bind Companies and Suppliers Resource Guide

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Album Print, Bind, & Supply Company Resource Guide. (Also see) Part1 – PPS #32 Album Design Software
Here’s the notes from the show on all the Print, Bind, & Design companies we talked about. Go to their sites and see all the trends and traditions to see what suites youe style best.

Asuka Book is a popular coffee table style album, and you can also find similar albums from WHCC, Digi Labs, & Illumina books from Apollo, as well as one I forgot to mention, Millers Press.
Some popular flush mount storybook albums include that have lots of options include PictoBooks, Zookbinders, and Some neat styles from Laguna Albums who also offers design services.
More simple flush mount storybooks albums include Black Tie albums from H&H, and the new kid on the block, Kiss Wedding Books who also has some great simple style.

Graphi Studios offer some really large sizes, and even metallic pages in their unique storyboard type designs, but you’ll have to pay for the elegance.

Some options in the more traditional covers, and mat pages include Art Leather, and Wooden Nickel who have many styles available and can send you printed information. Also check out Leather Craftsman which offer some beautiful covers, though a bit more high end. Note that these companies also have flush mount styles as well. Also check out JLee albums. They are basic, but handcrafted and a reasonable price

As for smaller albums, and proof albums you might check out Rice Studio Supply, for their peel and stick wallet albums, and their Quick Stick Album Also the Together Book will take your 4×6 prints, and put a hardbound cover on them

Some more consumer oriented choices of coffe table books that are less expensive, but not usually as feature rich include MyPublisher, Photoworks.com, & Printmyphotobook.com.

Have fun looking at all the options. Here’s a few sample images…


Graphi Studios

Asuka Books

Other Show Notes…
Mike emailed asked about software to make DVD slideshows, and I recommended iphoto, and idvd for the Mac, and Pro Show Gold for the PC. Show it web was also mentioned, but for online slideshows. They do offer a DVD making service from the show it slideshows, but it’s not cheap.

Best… Gavin Seim