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Pro Photo Podcast #82. Christmas 2011

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Today’s Panel... Gavin Seim –  Barry Howel –  Dennis ZerwasBrady DillsworthJonathan Bielaski

On this years annual Christmas bash we we have fun talking about light, 2012, lots of great gadgets and gifts, and even avalanches… If you listen to the after show.

Podcast #82 forum discussions:

Main Time Indexes:

  • 03:30 News and Rumors.
  • 23:00 L Rounds – Light, 2012 Business..
  • 59:45 Talking Copyright.
  • 1:09:00 Selling Us.
  • 1:10:25 Picks of the Year.
  • 1:49:05 After Show 2011.



Is Adobe fleecing us again. Kelby writes them a letter.

Agency Access commercial PR like agency for photographers.

Johnathan’s personal portrait project, For The Love of It.

On photography. A video of Ken Whitmire.

Copyright info and tips for photographers.

If you’re going to imaging USA email Gavin, prophotoshow@gmail.com

PICKS. Lots of them.

Gavin, DSLR bot
Gavin, La Crosse Technology BC-700 charger.

Barry – hassy nikon mount.
DZ… Steam Fast fabric steamer for backdrops.
John… Bubble levelPro Gaff Gaffers Tape.

Brady. Lastolight Tri-grip reflector –  Lumiquest LTP hotshoe softbox.

Gavin… 126 LED light panel.

Barry… Rouge flash bender.

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Pro Photo Podcast #73 – Christmas 2010

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Today’s Panel... Gavin SeimDenns ZerwasBarry HowellScott & Adina HayneKevin Swan

This year on the Christmas episode we talk A LOT about the industry business and pricing ideas, what we see for 2011 and even some great tools and gadgets to pick up for Christmas. Note that this is a long show. If it’s a bit much break halfway using the time index below and listen to it as two episodes.

Podcast #73 forum discussion:

Notable Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions and news.
  • 18:50 2010 Christmas Contest.
  • 21:10 Business Talking about the industry.
  • 31:00 Facebook and other musings.
  • 45:00 Pricing thoughts and more business.
  • 1:23:10  2010 in review and looking to 2011.
  • 1:37:22 The 2010 gadget and gift guide.
  • 2:09:30 The After Show.

Links to things we mentioned.

The 2010 Christmas Contest

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3rd Annual Seim Effects/PPS Christmas Freebie Pack.

Wow another year almost gone. It was great having so many of you be a part of it. Not a ton of PPS episodes, but from your feedback I gather they were some of the best yet. I’ve been crazy busy and while I can’t say I made every goal for PPS this year, we came along nicely. The last show of the year is posting just after this and I think it’s gonna be a whiz bang.

Anyways on to the goods. Merry Christmas to all of you. This years freebie pack has some good stuff and I hope you’ll enjoy it. For the 3rd year running, Pro Photo Show and Seim Effects have teamed up to bring you the freebie pack. It’s got goodies for Lightroom and Aperture (you read right). And even an album template for InDesign.

To go along with all this, there’s also the PPS 2010 Christmas giveaway where you can pick up some of the $2000+ in prizes.

You can download the freebie pack and get all the details directly from the Seim Effects site where it’s hosted. Download 2010 Christmas Pack.

Enjoy. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Here’s to 2011… Gav

Merry Christmas From The Seim’s & Pro Photo Show

Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. The blessings of Christ abound around us. I’m thankful for my family, my customers and my colleagues. Here’s a little collage of self portraits we made in the studio yesterday. It would be tough to send cards to everyone since I know so many people.

Since this is the Pro Photo Show edition, I’ll talk shop a little. I did these self portraits with the 5D MKII. I used a white paper backdrop and two Alien Bee’s strobes in the studio. One aimed low and behind us to totally whiten the paper and another in front aimed downwards and bouncing off the floor to fill the front.

The layout was done very simply using InDesign just like I would do a wedding album page, though on an 8×10 layout. That’s all there is too it. Nothing amazing, but I did have fun.

Lastly don’t forget about the PPS Christmas contest. It’s our gift to you, and even if you don’t win one of the big prizes, everyone who enter will receive a free effect goodie pack from PPS and Seim Effects early next year. You can’t lose, so if you haven’t already, go here to enter.

Again merry Christmas to you all… Gav

Pro Photo Roundtable. Podcast #53. Wild Christmas Party:

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~Today’s topics. D3X, 5D MKII, Gadgets Galore, Marketing, Web~
The Panel:
Gavin Seim ~ Seim Studios

Kerry Garrison ~ Camera Dojo
Dennis Zerwas ~ DZ Photography
Scott & Adina Hayne ~ Hayne Photography
Kevin Swan ~ Kiss Books, New School, Weddings

Notable Time Indexes:
29:00 Gadget Guide
44:28 Kevin Swan joins the show. He has some great marketing tips.
1:57:30 After Show (Marketing and wedding talk)

Disclaimer: Do not use film cameras as fireplace fuel. They could cause hazardous fumes.

News & Info:

PPS deal page has various vendor discounts.
SeimEffects presets and actions
SAVE 15% of all products with promo code PPS

Podcast #53 Forum Discussion:


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