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Nikon Page FAIL

Gavin Seim: The folks at Nikon got a little too enthusiastic yesterday and posted this on their FB page, telling us that “A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses” Perhaps they were momentarily blinded by how the world seems to actually look at photography these days and forgot that it’s actually a skill. Oh wait, I guess it was companies like them that promoted that idea ;)

Don’t get me wrong, quality optics and the like are important considerations. But the best gear is of no value at all, unless your good enough to make it sing. If I play a Stradivarius, it still sounds something akin to cats being run over by trucks.

I’m not sure what’s more scary. That Nikon posted this. Or that 1695 people Like it. Thanks for sending us this Greg. We still love you Nikon (sorta), but really. Teach your social team about photography.

Stop Camera Abuse!

by Gavin Seim: Help a friend this season. Camera abuse will effect over 950 million people (probably a lot more) this year alone. It most commonly occurs when a person buys a camera, makes business cards, a website, and decides they should start pressing random buttons, as they pretend they suddenly understand a skill that takes years to master.

We understand, as cameras are really cool. But aside from the suffering the camera must endure. Children, individuals, couples and families, will be subjected to poor lighting, posing, composition, false confidence, bad retouching, and often outright lies, as an abuser pretends to know what he or she is doing. While the abuser may trip over a few good photos. Tears will flow in the end.

Stop Camera Abuse. Help the victims and help the abusers. It’s cool that they love their cameras. Just help them learn to fly before they jump out of the airplane. Send a friend educational books, to real workshops, or to long hours of practice, before unleashing them on the masses. Take the batteries out and even burn the business cards, if it’s bad enough.

Art is subjective. Experience is less so. It’s time to be honest. Friends don’t let friends camera abuse. Spread the word and start change now. History will thank you. And your friends will too.

This message brought to you by Gavin Seim and Pro Photo Show. Note: Please be careful when burning business cards. Fire is also awesome, but can be dangerous. Check local laws.

What’s Your Favorite Camera Bag/Case (poll)

by Gavin Seim: This started as simply a poll, but I felt it was such a broad and useful question that it needed a poll with a post so you can all post comments and thoughts as well.

Camera bags and cases are personal and important. As photographers we often get pretty into them. I’m always buying bags for various situations and usually spend quite some time deciding, even within one brand.

I’m usually a Tamrac guy, but always looking and have seen some great offering with others. I tend to like backpacks for their versatility, but have some smaller shoulder bags, and have recently been looking at rolling cases. I also use smaller systems for when I’m on the go and need quick access including a Tamrac MAS belt system and recently trying out the Shootsac.

I’ve listed many of the major manufacturers. Start with the poll below and then share in the comments. What’s your favorite bag style for each situation? Why do you like your favorite brand etc. Should be a fun topic.


What's your fav brand of camera Bags/Packs/Cases

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Leica… Welcome To The Master Race?


by Gavin Seim: I’ve given thought what I would say about Leica. I was even told I should not write about this. In the end decided that I would give my honest thoughts on this brand.

Let me first say that I’ve never owned a Leica personally. I’m fairly confident they make a good camera and I confess I have felt the draw of owning a Leica. Their fairly small, high end and retro. I’ve felt that voice that says “If you own me, you’ll be way cooler than you are now”. So while at PMA 09 I decided to stop by and give Leica the chance to convince me why I should pay more for one of their cameras.

I was escorted to the Leica PR guy who was more than a little defensive about the my question, which was essentially this. Why Leica? Why should we photographers spend 6k on a rangefinder body and 4k for a 50mm lens? Understand I don’t mind saving and paying thru the nose for gear that’s worth it. I wanted Leica to show me why theirs was. Continue reading ‘Leica… Welcome To The Master Race?’

Hitler Angry: Is the D3X Really To Blame?

The D3X is here. I don’t wanna get into the global politics of it all, but I felt this was worth reporting on.  While I’m a Canon guy, I think Nikon makes great systems. Still, the cost of the D3X for what it offers… It does seem a bit spendy.

Frankly though I don’t blame Nikon for this outburst. I think the guy has way bigger problems. Enjoy

Here’s the YouTube link.

Adobe Camera Raw 5.2 Now Available

For Adobe users (that would be most of us) Camera RAW 5.2 is now available. I don’t always post about releases like this, but this has some significance due it’s it’s RAW support for certain newer cameras including.

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Canon PowerShot G10
  • Panasonic DMC-LX3

There’s others as well, but a lot of folks will be glad to see that these models are now supported. I expect my LX3 tomorrow, and a 5D MK II… well as soon as it comes (hopefully soon)

There’s are a few more minor updates. John Knack posted some details on his blog. I just wanted to spread the word. Download it for Windows here and Macintosh here.

Gavin Seim