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What’s Your Favorite Camera Bag/Case (poll)

by Gavin Seim: This started as simply a poll, but I felt it was such a broad and useful question that it needed a poll with a post so you can all post comments and thoughts as well.

Camera bags and cases are personal and important. As photographers we often get pretty into them. I’m always buying bags for various situations and usually spend quite some time deciding, even within one brand.

I’m usually a Tamrac guy, but always looking and have seen some great offering with others. I tend to like backpacks for their versatility, but have some smaller shoulder bags, and have recently been looking at rolling cases. I also use smaller systems for when I’m on the go and need quick access including a Tamrac MAS belt system and recently trying out the Shootsac.

I’ve listed many of the major manufacturers. Start with the poll below and then share in the comments. What’s your favorite bag style for each situation? Why do you like your favorite brand etc. Should be a fun topic.


What's your fav brand of camera Bags/Packs/Cases

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