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Pro Photo Podcast #86 – Of Light and Toilet Seats

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Today’s Panel... Gavin SeimBarry HowellDennis Zerwas Joseph Linaschke

This month we get back to basics. Discuss light, working with it and even have a few healthy debates as we look at how we all make images differently.

Brought to you by the EXposed workshop.
Check out the trailer – exposedworkshop.com

PPS #86 Forum Discussions. Share Your Opinions.

Main Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions.
  • 03:10 News. EOS M and More.
  • 21:30 Getting Back to our Roots. Film.
  • 39:15 Back to Basics. One Camera.
  • 46:30 What You Think When You Make An Image.
  • 1:09:30 What’s The Most Satisfying.
  • 1:24:00 Techniques For Light.
  • (1:24:40 Gavin Yodels)
  • 1:34:10 Picks and Stuff.
  • 1:54:30. More thoughts. Creative Cloud, Aperture etc.
  • 2:04:08 The After Show. Business and beyond.
  • 2:04:33. After Show


Creative Suite CS6.

Canon EOS M

Will epic images of the Colorado fires will go down in history.

Canon recalls 68,000 T4i’s.

MK2 lenses lenses falling off post.

Video, light panels.


Steve Jobs lost interview.

Adobe Creative Cloud.

“my life is so bright I don’t need a lighted toiled seat”. DZ
“The best image of any session, is the one the client loves the most” Barry Howel


Pro Photo Podcast #76. The First LIVE show.

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Today’s Panel... Gavin SeimDenns ZerwasKerry GarrsonBarry Howel

On this roundtable we go LIVE with listeners in the chatroom and calling in. There were a few glitches but for a first live show it came off well. Lots of business talk in this one so if you don’t want to hear about things like Facebook marketing, use the time indexes below to skip segments.


This is a live show. Uh no, not the PPS live show. I just thought this would make the post a bit cooler ;) Gav

NOTE: Due to a double link the feed iTunes was pulling the previous episode for the first hour or so. If this happened to you, delete the redundant episode. Then right click Pro Photo Show in your podcast list and choose “Show All Podcast Episodes”. #76 will show up again and should be the updated file when you re-download.

Podcast #76 forum discussion:

Notable Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions and DZ’s Awesome intro.
  • 03:14 News and random bits.
  • 23:40. Future gear and vintage gear.
  • 33:00 Aperture presets announced and workshops info.
  • 36:30 Kerry likes the Wacom Intuos 4.
  • 42:18 Lightroom 4 Predictions.
  • 53:17 Talking about marketing and Facebook use.
  • 1:20:50. SquareUp and taking credit cards.
  • 1:32:38 Picks and gadgets.
  • 1:46:34 The after show.


Links to things we mentioned.

Gavin’s new Lightflow Aperture Presets are now available.

TinEye image search is a good tool… http://bit.ly/ebdfTl

Gavin’s Workshops coming this April.

Lightroom Power. April 18th Oakland
Lights & Shadows. April 16-17 Oakland CA, April 25-26 Pismo Beach CA.

64 and 128GB SD cards from Lexar.

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3rd Annual Seim Effects/PPS Christmas Freebie Pack.

Wow another year almost gone. It was great having so many of you be a part of it. Not a ton of PPS episodes, but from your feedback I gather they were some of the best yet. I’ve been crazy busy and while I can’t say I made every goal for PPS this year, we came along nicely. The last show of the year is posting just after this and I think it’s gonna be a whiz bang.

Anyways on to the goods. Merry Christmas to all of you. This years freebie pack has some good stuff and I hope you’ll enjoy it. For the 3rd year running, Pro Photo Show and Seim Effects have teamed up to bring you the freebie pack. It’s got goodies for Lightroom and Aperture (you read right). And even an album template for InDesign.

To go along with all this, there’s also the PPS 2010 Christmas giveaway where you can pick up some of the $2000+ in prizes.

You can download the freebie pack and get all the details directly from the Seim Effects site where it’s hosted. Download 2010 Christmas Pack.

Enjoy. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Here’s to 2011… Gav

Nik Silver Efex Pro – Straight Dope Review!

Nik Siver Effects Pro = 4/5 stars

Silver Effects Pro

UPDATED: 04/10.

We’ve worked out a deal with Nik and you an save 15% on any of their products with promo code PPS.

I finally got a chance to play with Nik’s new Silver Efex Pro. It’s a Photoshop/Aperture plugin for making Black & White images from color one’s. Here’s the straight scoop! The interface follows Nik’s fairly clean and simple window style that graces the rest of their plugin’s. When it open’s you’ll be greeted by your image; a sidebar on the right that gives you control over the effects being added; a sidebar on the left with some easy preset effects,  and a few other tools around the screen that control the preview, etc.

Overall I liked the plugin. It suffers the the problem I find with most PS plugins, that causes me to stick with actions and presets for most images. When you open an image in the plugin you have to wait a few seconds and then use the tools in another window. Essentially PS goes away for that time, and when you commit those changes you are returned to your regular work environment. There’s nothing really wrong with this, it’s just not great for a workflow with large quantities of images, but more designed for those great images you want to spend extra time with.

I did find what’s inside to be simple and effective. There’s various preset options for making B&W images fast. You have color tones, film type, color filters etc to give you full control over making a nice piece of art. There’s also the ability to add some great looking grain effects is so desired, and the plugin; like many Nik products includes the U Point option that allows you to easily control effects on specific portions of the image (See Viveza)

BOTTOM LINE: I won’t be using Silver Effects for my everyday B&W images, because presets in Lightroom and actions in PS do most the the B&W effects I need, with more speed. I can also get most of the effects that the Silver provides by using the built in tools that PS provides (though with a bit more work)
All this said I think Silver is a good tool for getting great B&W effects on those images you want to spend some extra time with. It’s also great for trying out various effects with a lot of control and precision. I knocked off a half star because, Silver, at $199.00 costs twice what it probably should. Still if you have 199 to spare, and want a great tool for really fine tuning B&W images then pick it up (you can of course try Nik’s short 15 day demo).

Gavin Seim

Pro Photo Roundtable #7 (PPS #46) The Orphan Works Act

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Todays Panel…
Chris Livingston ~ Chris Livingston Photography
Brady Dillsworth ~ Dillsworth Photography

Gavin Seim ~ Seim PhotographyEffects & Presets
Scott Bourne ~ This Week In Photography
Dennis Zerwas ~ DZ Photography

Show notes
What do you think about all these megapixels? Anyone using LED lights? What about this whole Orphan Works Act? Comment here, or join the discussion on the
PPS Roundatble #7 Forum Discussion

The Orphan Works Act of 2008 does not look good for artist copyrights. Take action here, and read our more in depth article here.

Scott likes his mini LED light, and you can get bigger one too. Looks interesting but spendy.

Photogs are rallying for their photo rights in Los Angeles, & Radio Poppers remote triggers look interesting.

Gavin uses In Design for albums, and New School Photo has a video for it. He also recovered his corrupted images using Card Raider for mac. On teh PC side you can try PC Inspector. It was recommended by a user on this forum thread.

Picks of the week…
Gavin is Tamrac Express 7 Camera bag.
Dennis is NAAP.
Chris is Apple iMac.
Brady is Audio Technica ATH-ANC7 headphones.
Scott is Tiffen DFX digital filters.

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