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Adobe Photoshop CS4: Straight Dope Review

PinExt Adobe Photoshop CS4: Straight Dope Review

photoshop cs4 new features Adobe Photoshop CS4: Straight Dope Review

Adobe Photoshop CS4 & Bridge CS4 Pro Photo Show rating, 7.5/10
Links throughout the review will take you to video’s that show features in action.

The Hot:

  • The new adjustment panel puts you in control and makes adjustment layers a whole new animal. You can add an adjustment layer then edit it in real time from the adjustments panel (think Lightroom or Aperture panels) I’ve added screenshots below.
  • Content Aware Scale allows you to change the aspect ratio of an image. It’s amazing, and I find myself using it all the time (far more than I expected). For example, I can convert an image from and 8×12 to and 8×10 format without cropping off the edges. While it’s not perfect, it does work well on most images
  • The interface still looks similar, but new integration and panel styling makes things a bit tidier.
  • New 3d manipulation features. I can’t offer much personal experience in the world of 3D, but the 3D engine has been totally revamped.

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ad ex slim Adobe Photoshop CS4: Straight Dope Review

Adobe Camera Raw 5.2 Now Available

PinExt Adobe Camera Raw 5.2 Now Available

For Adobe users (that would be most of us) Camera RAW 5.2 is now available. I don’t always post about releases like this, but this has some significance due it’s it’s RAW support for certain newer cameras including.

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Canon PowerShot G10
  • Panasonic DMC-LX3

There’s others as well, but a lot of folks will be glad to see that these models are now supported. I expect my LX3 tomorrow, and a 5D MK II… well as soon as it comes (hopefully soon)

There’s are a few more minor updates. John Knack posted some details on his blog. I just wanted to spread the word. Download it for Windows here and Macintosh here.

Gavin Seim

Seim Effects Launches Power Workflow2

PinExt Seim Effects Launches Power Workflow2

pw2 banner Seim Effects Launches Power Workflow2

10/31/08 Seim Effects Photo Tools. Power Workflow 2 now available.

Our sister site, Seim Effects has just announced Power Workflow2

“The Power Workflow Lightroom preset collection was launched in 2007, and proceeded to be one of the most effective and popular Ligtroom preset collections available. Power Workflow2 goes to the next level by adding new effects, better auto corrections, and Enhanced support for Lightroom2, utilizing tools such a post crop vignette”.

This is a pretty exciting realese over at SE. I know many PPS readers are users of the SE Workflow. There’s an introductory price for the new set, and exsisting owners have been sent discount upgrade coupons. Go check it out folks and don’t forget you can use promo code PPS to save 10%

Adobe Now Shipping Photoshop CS4 / Creative Suite

PinExt Adobe Now Shipping Photoshop CS4 / Creative Suite

adobe cs4 Adobe Now Shipping Photoshop CS4 / Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite 4 is officially available for ship and download orders. There’s not a ton to say yet other than to let you know. We’ll see when we get it in our hot little hands on it, whether it’s an upgrade worthy of our money. According to the poll (currently) on the right, it looks like about half of you are upgrading in some form or another.

Sadly Adobe has not opted to simplify the lineup, so there’s still six versions of the Creative Suite none of which come cheap. If your just a PS user you can of course upgrade that alone. From the looks this seems evoluationary, nor revoluatiary but itv does look to hold some really cool updates just the same.

Adobe CS4 Officially Announced

PinExt Adobe CS4 Officially Announced

cs4 Adobe CS4 Officially Announced

Today Adobe hosted a live online presentation of the up coming Creative Suite 4. It kinda failed on that side. For me (and others) it was so choppy and slow that it was unwatchable. Still the new features have been announced and though we’re not seeing a exact release date yet you can probably expect it soon.

There’s lots inside, though this update looks mainly evolutionary and not revolutionary. There’s some good videos over on the CS4 learning center that you can check out to get a visual.

A few of the things we’ll see are…

  • Interface update:
  • A new adjustment layers panel:
  • Mask Panel:
  • New 3d features:
  • Updates to Bridge:
  • Focus Blending (from multiple images):
  • And one of my favorites, Content Aware image scaling (this is like the Liquid Resize product we saw talked about last year:

So, what do you think? Super. Blah. Overpriced. Are you gonna get it? What are your favorite new features? Post up those comments folks.

Lightroom 2.1 now available

PinExt Lightroom 2.1 now available

Many of you who follow me on twitter know that I’ve had many stability issue’s with Lightroom 2. I know others have had problems as well. We’ve been waiting for some bug fixes.

Well Adobe Labs made 2.1 available today. It won’t be in automatic update yet, but it’s worth getting manually. Though I have not used it much yet I do see indications that there are some good improvements. Brushes may even be working smoother now. I won’t make this long. It’s time for bed. Go get it for yourself and share a comment about what you find.

~ Download LR 2.1 here ~

Thanks to Twitterer’s for letting us know…
Gavin Seim