Link Exchange Instructions.
Read thru all this and follow all the directions before submitting the form. You will NOT be added to the photographers exchange if you do not have the PPS links file (included in download below) on your site and linked from your homepage. We do this for free and get more than a few incomplete submissions because people fail to follow the directions.

The PPS link exchange is for image image makers only. It is a free resource designed to help us all help each other. Having quality incoming links to your site helps gain better search engine rank. This is not a spammy black hat link farm. Only relevant sites are allowed and only image makers. No rental services, no photo booths, no link farming.

To Get On The Exchange. Your site must have a PPS links page linked directly from the homepage. This allows search engines to see our network of photographers when it browses your site. The links do not have to be in a conspicuous position, as your site visitors are not specifically intended to see them. They simply have to be linked directly from your home (or index) page so they can be found by search engines (and us when we verify your link).

Download the PPS Link Exchange Kit.

Each time a new member joins the exchange their link is added. The all link pages are updated automatically because they’re referenced from the master page. The kit contains a completely coded .php page that you simply upload to your server. Once this page is uploaded (usually via FTP) you simple place a link from your homepage, to the PPS page you uploaded. This is what you should see on the page when it’s working. It will only work once it’s uploaded to your site.

Checking, and Updating your listing:
Once you submit the listing it will be reviewed, and posted to the link exchange. This could take from a few weeks to a month, so feel free to check the page, and look for your name. (listed alphabetically) If it does not show up please feel free to contact  us ( Also if anything should change on your listing, such as your site moving, or you need to update link text, or names. Just use the form below and indicate a link update.

Submit your site:
The links page must be active on your site before you’ll be added. Fill out the form below giving all the details requested, including your link text as you want it to appear on the page (link text should be no more than 60 words). We’ll check you submission and if everything checks out your link will be added in glorious plain text along with the other members.

Staying on the exchange:
You can be removed at any time at the decision of PPS staff if we find content not relevant to this exchange, or objectionable in any way. Porn or spam will not be tolerated. Random checks will also be made. If the link is removed from your homepage and we can no longer find it, your listing be removed from the exchange without notice. It may be resubmitted again is this happens and you wish to re-join.

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The PPS photographer exchange is a free service. We provides it because helping photographers is what we’re all about. There is no warranty expressed or implied. Incoming links has been proven to help search rank, but it’s not the only factor. Do your research. Good rank takes work, and it won’t come overnight. PPS may remove your listing at any time for any reason if they deem it proper.