PinExt Up Coming Photographic Workshops:

Here’s some workshops from hosts and friends of PPS that you’ll want to check out. There’s always something new to learn no matter how much experience we have. Good education will save you years.. Gav

banner hdr Up Coming Photographic Workshops:

Buckle up and take light to new levels in this three day intensive workshop. Lights & Shadows is dedicated to Tone, light and detail. This is where you’ll learn to see light in a new way, from HDR to Zones and gentle processing. Click for more info, coming dates and locations.

wall portrait conference2 600x300 Up Coming Photographic Workshops:

WPC happens each Spring and is a truly amazing school. Gavin went years ago as a student and often speaks there now. If you want to take sales and wall prints to the next level just go. It happens annually in the late Spring. Click for more details.

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