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There’s some great photo tools and plugins out there and we all hate paying full price. To get you more bang for your buck Pro Photo Show has been arranging deals and discounts for you readers. We’re getting a nice collection of savings compiled in one place. I’ll keep

working on more deals and update this page with the latest. In the meantime you’re welcome to pass these along to your friends and help them save them some money too. PPS also gets credit when you buy using out codes. Know a company you think should be on the deals page. Email us, and we’ll see what we can work out.


PPS Discount Codes…

  • Seim Effect Tools. Save 15% Promo code: PPS
    Gavin’s simple and fast editing tools.
  • Topaz Labs. Save 15% Promo code: PROSHOW
    DeNoise, Adjust, Enhance and more.
  • Imagenomics. Save 15% Promo code: PPSIMG
    Portraiture, Noiseware and more.
  • Photomatix Pro. Save 15% Promo code: PPS15
    A favorite HDR processing software.

OnOne Plug-in Suite 4: Straight Dope Review

The Product: OnOne Plug-in Suite 4 for Photoshop: Overall PPS Rating, 7/10
Includes Six plugins. We’ll review each separately below. Review by Gavin Seim

OnOne has given PPS a 15% off discount for readers. Use Promo Code PRPHTPC

The Hot:

  • Product interfaces have become mostly unified making them easy to work with.
  • When purchased as a suite, it’s a good value. You’ll have plenty to play with.
  • Effects and tools are effective and generally simple to use and customize.
  • Aperture & Lightroom* integration on certain apps

The Not:

  • No auto update makes in version updates a hassle and easy to overlook.
  • When purchased separately there’s STD/PRO options adding confusion and making the prices too high (not unlike many plugin companies. These so called Pro versions do not have enough extra features to warrant the cost. The full suite does include the pro versions where applicable however.

The Bottom Line:
This is a great collection of plugins. If you want to broaden your editing arsenal in one shot, Plugin Suite 4 is a great place to start. While the whole suite is the best value, all plugins can also be purchased separately.

*One thing to note is that Lightroom integration is little more than export plugins and not self contained integration in LR. This is probably due to limitation with Lightrooms support for plugins, but it’s still a  disappointment.

Promo’s and discounts:
OnOne gives PPS some specials as well. Promo code PRPHTSHW is good everyday for 10% off any OnOne product. Also thru Dec 31st, here’s a promo page that will save you $100 on the suite. Note that OnOne has no say in this review, and it contains only my honest opinions.

Individual Product Reviews:

Genuine Fractals 6: Review 9/10
Genuine Fractals is a standard among many photographers when it comes up scaling image resolution. I use it whenever I make large prints. It can quickly take those pixels and make a 300DPI file for whatever print size I need. It can even add sharpening in the same pass (though I usually sharpen separately) GF just gives something more than built in Photoshop up-conversion methods and I really like it.

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Pro Photo Roundtable. Podcast #53. Wild Christmas Party:

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~Today’s topics. D3X, 5D MKII, Gadgets Galore, Marketing, Web~
The Panel:
Gavin Seim ~ Seim Studios

Kerry Garrison ~ Camera Dojo
Dennis Zerwas ~ DZ Photography
Scott & Adina Hayne ~ Hayne Photography
Kevin Swan ~ Kiss Books, New School, Weddings

Notable Time Indexes:
29:00 Gadget Guide
44:28 Kevin Swan joins the show. He has some great marketing tips.
1:57:30 After Show (Marketing and wedding talk)

Disclaimer: Do not use film cameras as fireplace fuel. They could cause hazardous fumes.

News & Info:

PPS deal page has various vendor discounts.
SeimEffects presets and actions
SAVE 15% of all products with promo code PPS

Podcast #53 Forum Discussion:


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Adobe Photoshop CS4: Straight Dope Review

Adobe Photoshop CS4 & Bridge CS4 Pro Photo Show rating, 7.5/10
Links throughout the review will take you to video’s that show features in action.

The Hot:

  • The new adjustment panel puts you in control and makes adjustment layers a whole new animal. You can add an adjustment layer then edit it in real time from the adjustments panel (think Lightroom or Aperture panels) I’ve added screenshots below.
  • Content Aware Scale allows you to change the aspect ratio of an image. It’s amazing, and I find myself using it all the time (far more than I expected). For example, I can convert an image from and 8×12 to and 8×10 format without cropping off the edges. While it’s not perfect, it does work well on most images
  • The interface still looks similar, but new integration and panel styling makes things a bit tidier.
  • New 3d manipulation features. I can’t offer much personal experience in the world of 3D, but the 3D engine has been totally revamped.

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Adobe Configurator Is Here:

Adobe what? Adobe Configurator. It’s a brand new program Adobe just released that’s going to change the way we interact with Photoshop. You can download it here on Adobe Labs, and learn more about it (including a video) on John Knacks blog.

There’s a lot under the hood, but in basic terms it allows you to make your own palette windows in Photoshop CS4, that can contain pretty much whatever you want. Tools, menu items, actions, even training videos embedded right in to your own little (or big) panel. They look exactly like the built in pallets. They even dock with them.

The best part is you don’t have to be a programmer to make custom panels. You open the Configurator, then drag, drop and export. I really think this is a breakthrough. This level of customization is going to change the way we work.

Our official Photshop CS4 review is coming soon, but Configurator looks so cool that I felt you should know now.

Gavin Seim

How To Backup Photoshop Settings Like A Pro:

by Gavin Seim: I had a call recently from a photographer who lost all her preferences, settings and actions because of a crash. For some reason Photoshop lost all it’s preferences and went back to default. The thing is, PS is not meant to hold all our settings permanently. You need to have them backed up. The key is being prepared so when something’s lost, you can take it in stride. Today I’m going to tell you how to do it. Remember that once you’ve stored these settings, re-loading them is as simple as double clicking the file. Click the images to get larger illustrated views as we go along.

1: Give Them A Home:
First, decide where you’ll be backing up your settings. Be it a folder on your hard drive, a CD/DVD or an offsite storage service. Wherever it is find a consistent place that will be separate up from your main computer should you have a total crash.

2: Archive your actions:
Photoshop is not a place to store actions. When you download a new action don’t just load it in the actions palette and expect it to stay there. PS will retain the actions so long as the preference to keep it loaded remains. Also deleting an action in PS does not actually delete the file, it just removes it from the action palette. As long as you have your action files safely stored you’re good. But, if you load an action, and then delete the file expecting PS to retain it forever, your doom is sealed.

I like to make a “favorite actions” set that I store with my other actions. This way all my commonly used actions are in one set that I can load fast. I keep it in PS all the time, but it’s backed up should I have a crash. My other actions are nearby as well, but I load them only occasionally since all my favorites are in one set. You can do this by making a new action set (folder) within PS, then drag your favorite actions into it from other sets, then save your favorites set in a safe place.

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