Right here are the golden nuggets from Pro Photo Show and a some of our partner sites since this all started back in 2006. Some favorites, but certainly not everything that’s here. As always you can also search the entire site (top right)if you’re looking for something specific. Dig into these and we guarantee you’ll learn something valuable. Spread the word..

Core Photo Techniques.

Why You Need the Zone System.
A detailed look and how the Zone System will take your photography to new levels.

The 6 Keys to Great Image Quality.
You have an idea, a subject and a composition. Lets look at six core concepts that make a foundation for making a great photograph from start to finish.

5 Essential Keys of Photographic Perfection.
A look at 5 critical elements to amazing photos.

3 Core Elements of Controlling Tonal Value.
Photography is all about light and knowing the core values of controlling that light are essential to mastering the craft.

6 Tips For Better Photo Cloning & Retouching.
Refining is how great images are made. Here’s some tips from Gavin Seim about how to better work you images.

Five Essential Elements to Mastering Photography

Quick Hits & Tips.

Be a better photographer in 90 seconds:
A list of one line tips for the budding photographer, and a great set of reminders for the experienced pro. This collection of fast tips will help you keep your edge.

The Huge List of 50+ Quotes from Renowned Photographers.
A lot of ideas from a long time rolled into short order.

50+ Twitter Length Photography Tips.
A bunch of favorite tips from the twitter. Take them in, or re-tweet them yourself.

Presenting Better.

Getting Beyond the Digital File… The Missing Link.
A look at getting beyond prints and things of little values and looking at our work in a broader view.

The Straight Dope on Digital Resolution and Printable Size.
Understanding what you’re dealing with in those pixels will help you make better prints.

So You Take Great Photos, Big Deal… What are you doing with them?
It’s what you make with them that matter. An image sitting in a hard drive does you little good.

Making Better Images. The Art & Science.

From Visualization To Digital Darkroom. 4 Tips For Better Photos.
Visualizing is something that’s not that hard, but that few photographers have mastered. Make sure you have it nailed down.


3 Core Elements of Controlling Tonal Value.
A look at how we can better control tone in our images.

5 Essential Keys of Amazing Photographs.
Tie this one in with the 3 Core Elements and things will really start singing.

Learn What the Nail Does Before You Start to Hammer.
There’s nothing wrong with starting out. But take your time and learn what makes it all tick.

5 Tips For Clearer, More Vivid Photos:
Wounder how the best photographer get that super VIVID look. Here’s where to find out.

HDR Portraits. Wedding & Fashion Photography Part 2:
This is rev 2 of a popular article that started from experimenting heavily with multi image High Dynamic Range people shots in 2007. It has a good overview if HDR tips, and thoughts for how to use it with living subjects.

Wedding Tip Wednesday:
This is a series of simple, real life wedding tips started by DZ. These short, sweet posts are a great way to get thinking on your feet for that up coming wedding.

RAW vs JPEG. Settle it with a Single Example:
The name says it. If you’re uncertain about RAW, or have a friend that is. This should settle things.

Editing & Workflow.

Video: Histogram Tales, Detailed Histogram Reading.
A look at the histogram and what it can tell us.

6 Tips for Amazing Photo Cloning & Retouching.
Refinement means a lot and knowing where you come from with your retouching is important.

How to Install & Manage Lightroom Presets.
A quick video looking at how to best manage your LR presets.

Better Dynamic Range in Lightroom VIDEO:
Sometimes the little golden nuggets in LR get overlooked, but simple tools can do big things.

Burn & Dodge Magic Video:
A free video that was actually posted on our sister site Seim Effects. It’s a ten minute lesson in using burn and dodge to transform your images and add dimension. If you’re not a burn and dodge expert, you need to be.

The Business of Art.

Large Wall Portraits. Why the 8×10 is stealing your thunder.
One of the host hotly discussed and perhaps the most valuable marketing articles ever on PPS. The ideas may be bold, but they absolutely work. whether you choose to listen or debate them is up to you. Join the discussion.

10 Tips for Taming the Power of your Facebook Page:
FB is a big marketing vehicle right now. Use it well and it can give you a  big edge in your business.

How to Logo, Sign & Brand your Photos:
Every photographer should take the time time to work out what works for them and for building their brand.

How to Become a Professional Wedding Photographer:
The definitive starting point for new wedding photographer who want the truth and long time pro’s looking for ideas.

How To Market & Sell Your Photography:
This ongoing list of great articles from various sites is like a little directory of reads, to get you get your business on track.

Software, Editing and Workflow.

Free Lightroom Presets: The Ultimate List:
The PPS Lightroom preset directory was the first significant list (that we know of) of the best places for free Lightroom presets. Other sites followed suit but with it’s frequent updating the Ultimate Preset list remains king, as well as the most popular post on PPS.

Free Aperture Presets. The ultimate list:
Aperture finally has them, and just like the free LR presets list, we’ve made the master location to find Aperture presets.

Noise Reduction Software Comparison Shootout:
If you want to find the best noise reduction tool for you this is the ultimate review. Comparing the top products side by side with plenty of samples to let you decide what looks best.

Adobe In Design for Album Design:
In Design is becoming the new king of wedding album design. This article tells you why, and talks about the latest features in ID CS4.

How To Backup Your Photoshop Settings:
If you have actions, shortcuts, tool preferences or any other settings in PS, you should be backing them up. Are you?

Best PPS Podcast Episodes:

Other Fun Reads:

The Flickr HDR. Nasty Photo Tips VIDEO:
Time to just have some fun making fun of bad editing. This video is the ticket.

Lighting 101:
The name says it all. This super lighting education from Strobist will teach you a lot, in one place, for free.