Pro Photo Show was launched in 2006 as a resource for image makers with news, information and learning and professional exchanges. Pro Photo Show is a free website dedicated to photographic sharing and learning. The site is lead by Gavin Seim and our great contributors. Rounding it off is the community over on our Pro Photography Forums. Podcasting are where Pro Photo Show started, but along with that you’ll find many informative articles and partner sites relevant to our industry and growth as professionals, including Seim Effects, a sister site dedicated to photo editing tools, editing and workflow tips.

If you have a specific question try searching the site. You can also  contact PPS via the form below. Gavin does his best to answer all questions, though they don’t always make it on the show. The forums are also a great place to get help and talk shop. You can also contact us for advertising opportunities, or about reviewing your product. Legal info, discussion policy and privacy info can be found here.


The Podcasts…

TPPS2Pro Photo Show is our main show, and informative podcast, hosted by Gavin Seim and a plethora of renowned guest photographers. It’s the show for serious photographers, pro’s and enthusiasts who want to stay up to date and discover fresh ideas. You can listen visit the podcasts tab, subscribe on iTunes, or visit the direct podcast feed.

PPMPhoto Couch has no frills, no jingles. Just photography tips, ideas and a little humor delivered hot and fresh. Recorded on the go, on location, in the car, you name it. PC is Gavin’s short informal podcast, a companion of his journal and art site You can listen visit the podcasts tab, subscribe on iTunes, or visit the direct podcast feed.

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The People of PPS

Gavin Seim (Founder/Senior Editor/Host)
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I’m Gavin: You’ll find no fancy degrees from an art school hanging in my studio, just images and the stories behind them. Not that I’m against learning. In fact I’m pretty fanatical about it. It started with lots of trial and error and all those rolls of film when I was about twelve. The trial and error has not stopped, but I’ve learned to better hone my skills and continually attend training seminars and workshops. I’m blessed to have learned from some of the best photographers in the world and in recent years, have had the honor of teaching other photographers a bit of what I know. I love talking shop and I love sharing what I’ve learned with others.

I’m heavily involved in the photo community. Some of my most known projects include Pro Photo Show, a photography podcast and learning community for photographers that I founded in 2006. I’m also the guy behind Seim Effects, creative editing tools and tips for photographers.  You can learn about all my current projects  and find my complete bio on my website,

My job is awesome and I love finding new ways to see things. I like the gear and gadgets, but I also like looking at what’s worked for centuries, reading, observing and studying the works of master painters and legendary photographers. I’m a very driven guy. Sometimes it drives people that know me crazy, but I learn a lot from it. I like pushing the limits of what’s possible, but also studying how it relates to techniques that have stood the test of time.



Sondra is certainly the most attractive member of the PPS team.

While you may not see her name in the bylines much she’s always helping out behind the scenes fixing our errors, doing clerical work and helping make life easier.

Sondra is the wife of Senior Editor Gavin Seim as well as a great mom to their little boy Cyrus who is not yet on the blogging team because he cant read or write.

Sondra is also the announcer voice you hear at the start of each PPS episode.