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Lightroom 4 Is Officially Here

PinExt Lightroom 4 Is Officially Here

lightroom 4 review Lightroom 4 Is Officially Hereby Gavin Seim: Adobe wasted no time getting out of the beta phase. It seems they wanted cha’ching sounds a ringing.

Lightroom 4 is hitting desktops as we speak. Thankfully Adobe did drop the price a good bit to $149 ($79 for upgrades). Something we can probably credit to the Aperture price drop in 2011. Thanks Apple.

All told. LR4 looks pretty good. Not Earth shattering. But good. Sadly there seems to have been few changes from the beta. There were areas some were hoping would get more features. But LR4 has some new develop tools, some refinements and some new modules that will keep us busy.

A few major things to look for include…

  • Changes to the Develop settings, including Shadow, Highlight, White Point and more.
  • Video playback and basic editing support.
  • The book maker module (limited but interesting).
  • More control over Brush and Gradient settings, including localized White Balance.
  • Built in maps module.

Of course there’s more. I’ll be back with some thoughts soon. For now go check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

More detailed review in the works. This post will be updated… Gav


Lightroom4 Beta now Available for Download.

PinExt Lightroom4 Beta now Available for Download.

lightroom4 557x130 Lightroom4 Beta now Available for Download.

LR4 Beta is officially available and you can download it free on Adobe labs. I attended a press conference a few weeks ago to see it in action, and while the changes didn’t strike me as mind boggling, there are some nice new. Here’s the highlights…

  • New Highlight and shadow recovery.
  • An actual book design module. This could be great for albums. And yes you can save projects.
  • Location-based organization and location info. Though I’ve been using the JF Geoencode plugin anyways ;)
  • Extended video support. Organizing, viewing and basic adjustments and edits to video clips. Pretty cool.
  • Soft proofing to preview how an image will look when printed with color-managed printers.
  • Localized White Balance brush, as well as a few other brush tools, but not full feature brushes.

Still no full localized control with brushes, sadly no word on network implementation, or improved support for really high res scans / stitched images. Honestly there’s a lot of wish list features I’ve heard mentioned by people that not on the list, but we can’t have it all and there’s some interesting stuff. It’s also still a beta yet. We’ll see what happens in the final… Gavin

Super Workflow and Lightroom Catalogs:

PinExt Super Workflow and Lightroom Catalogs:

super photographer awesomeness Super Workflow and Lightroom Catalogs:

by Gavin Seim: So I wrote a few articles recently over on my Seim Effects site about editing faster and managing better, and I felt they were worthy of a mention here on PPS. If you want to edit your images faster or have ever questioned the way you manage LR catalogs take a peek and you might just get something new. Enjoy… Gav

Super Workflow: The 7 Steps to Photo Editing Awesomeness:
This is an outline of pretty much everything I’ve learned about the flow of fast editing with a step by step look at how to work more efficiently. It’s geared towards LR users, but applies to most any editing workflow.

Understanding & Managing LR Catalogs. The Captain Awesome Approach:
This once again is what I have learned about catalogs. You may or may not want to use the approach I do, but either way you’ll probably learn something new about how your catalogs work.

Lightroom2 VS Lightroom3 Process Examples Compared:

PinExt Lightroom2 VS Lightroom3 Process Examples Compared:

by Gavin Seim: I’ll be talking more about Lightroom soon, but I wanted to make a quick post about what I found most significant in LR3. It’s the processing. It may go unnoticed at a glance, but is so much better, that by itself makes LR3 worth the upgrade. This first example shows an ISO 50,000 image from a 1D MKIV, showing just how impressive the new noise reduction and processing in LR3 is (not to mention the camera). I did this in LR3 by simply switching it back and forth from new to old process version (in the camera calibration settings).

Next is a lower 640 ISO example. For this one I actually processed the first in LR2 itself and the other in LR3. While not so obvious (click for the large version) it shows the subtle quality of not just the noise reduction, the the quality of how the file is being processed. Notice in the large version how the LR3 version feels more organic, almost film like in quality. I love it and you can be sure I’m getting under the hood in LR3 to see what’s possible for workshops and my Seim Effects presets.

mk4 50k LR3 600x300 Lightroom2 VS Lightroom3 Process Examples Compared:

LR2 vs LR3 iso640 600x297 Lightroom2 VS Lightroom3 Process Examples Compared:

Lightroom 3:

PinExt Lightroom 3:

by Gavin Seim: Adobe is taking things up a notch once again. Lightroom 3 will bring lots of revamped and new features that should keep it’s current user base happy and continue to bring Lightroom converts into their fold.

Video 600x375 Lightroom 3:

Export HD video sideshows with music.

Yep, it just went into public beta and is available for everyone as a free download that stays active until April of 2010, so presumably the retail version will be out near then. The beta does not support upgrading of LR2 catalogs however. Obviously the final version will, but for now it’s still in the feedback stage so you’ll have to make a fresh catalog to use it.

Resource Links.

Lightroom 3 will bring major architecture changes under the hood to help speed things up and run faster, but also a host of new features and perhaps even more when the final version ships. Here’s a few quick and dirty screenshots, musings and details on whats new.

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Gavin’s Lightroom Power Workshop:

PinExt Gavins Lightroom Power Workshop:

lr power Gavins Lightroom Power Workshop:

by Gavin Seim. My new Lightroom Power workshop just launched and is available for groups organizations and conferences. It’s a fun relaxed single day session that I’m looking forward to taking abroad.

I’m also considering the possibility of doing a live online workshop. I have to look into the possibilities. I won’t blather on. If you’re interested in learning more, heres the page on Seim Effects.