Pro Photo Podcast #91 – Gavin’s Out – What’s Old Is New Again

PinExt Pro Photo Podcast #91   Gavins Out   Whats Old Is New Again
clear lake ca photography camp 600x397 Pro Photo Podcast #91   Gavins Out   Whats Old Is New Again

Gavin is on the road again for 3 months filming and photographing. You can follow their trip here. Barry and Dennis found the keys to the garage. Who knows what will happen. Good job guys.

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Today’s Panel…  Barry HowellDennis ZerwasRonn MurrayAndrew JonesSeth Hinrichs

Gavin is on the Road so Barry, DZ and their crew take the show for a spin as they talk about the latest in photography, then and now.

This show brought to you by the Seim Effects. And the new ColorFlow presets for Apple Aperture.

PPS #91 Forum Discussion HERE. Share Your Opinions.

Main Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions.
  • 02:22 What’s Old is New.
  • 33:10 News and Stuff.
  • 43:10 Barry Does Video
  • 46:06 What’s Our Next Camera?
  • 58:30 The Lightning Rounds
  • 1:35:50 Picks



Barry’s video on the Canon FTB.

Follow Gavin’s 3 month American road trip.

Sony NEX Series

Random PICKS:

iCandy phone video mount for SLR’s

SteadyCam Merlin 2 video stabilizer.

Also the smaller Smoothee version for GoPro/Phones.

Olloclip lens system for iPhone

Lumix GH3.

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  • Larry Pollock

    Nice to meet you out of the blue on Schnebly Hill Road in Sedona today. Thanks for the chat. Glad you met Lou. Interesting guy.

    • Gavin Seim

      Same to you Larry, great chatting. We had a nice visit in Sedona… Gav

  • MJ Johnson

    As an amateur listening to this podcast, the host this week is a bit pompous about what you all know as professionals. (in reference to the hockey mom shooting ISO 3200 with the Canon Rebel) It’s a bit of a turn off when I would like to learn from those of you with the experience. You all learned from someone what you know now. Let the rest of us have that opportunity. If you don’t want to teach the “clueless” photographers, please don’t.