Pro Photo Podcast #89 – Christmas 2012 & The 33 Tips of Christmas

PinExt Pro Photo Podcast #89   Christmas 2012 & The 33 Tips of Christmas
MG 5356 600x335 Pro Photo Podcast #89   Christmas 2012 & The 33 Tips of Christmas

Gavin is hitting the road again for an early 2013 tour. Visit his website for details. More travel talk in the after show.

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Today’s Panel... Gavin Seim Nina BeheimKerry GarrisonBrady DillsworthMark TeskeyJohn Cornforth

We wrap up 2012 with our annual Christmas roundtable featuring loads of photography tips and gear favorite gear and gadgets of the season. Join the discussion on the PPS forums.

Brought to you by the Seim Effects. And the EXposed Photography Workshop.

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ad ex slim Pro Photo Podcast #89   Christmas 2012 & The 33 Tips of Christmas

PPS #89 Forum Discussion HERE. Share Your Opinions.

Main Time Indexes:

  • 000:00 Introductions.
  • 005:30 – News Highlights
  • 023:45 – The 33 Tips of Christmas
  • 01:12:05 – A Visit with John Cornforth
  • 1:23:55 –  Picks of the Year
  • 1:59:30 – After Show. Sailing & More.


Nikon D5200 looks good. Also the Nikon D600.

The wall portrait article.


Lytro Light Field Camera

Sony NEX Series

Sigmas 35mm 1.4.

Zone System
Gavin’s articleFree videos.
Crash Plan Backup

Film is Coming Back.

Gavin’s article on signature and branding usage.


Sticky Filters Lighting Gels
Tripad Laptop Tripod Tether TableDojo Review

Mplate Mini RC2 + Arca Swiss Plate
F4 Silicone Tape.
PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack
Instapark 10W Solar Panel

BUFF PLM Umblrella
Eyewitness Art Composition

Victor by Hasselblad Magazine
Hoodman Loupe
Capture One Pro 7
Hammule Photo Rag Bright White 310GSM
Hannamule Fine Pearl 285 GSM
Folio Book for iPad
Uncle Charlie

Hero 3 Black Edition
Visual Acoustics – Movie
Magic Lantern Camera Video Firmware

Aperture Gig Tube remote camera screen


ad cf slim Pro Photo Podcast #89   Christmas 2012 & The 33 Tips of Christmas

  • Matt Donahue

    Hey Gavin,

    Thanks for the podcast. I’ve learned a lot from you, and look forward to meeting you in person someday. Are you and Barry ok? I noticed in the last podcast that he got frustrated and wasn’t on the Christmas episode. I just wanted to make sure the two of you guys were good.

    Keep shooting,

    • Gavin Seim

      Thanks Matt, so glad you enjoy.

      Barry and I don’t always agree, but it’s cool. He was invited to the RT but he had a busy Christmas season.

      Thanks for tuning in. Hope to meet you some day as well.


  • Juan Gomez Fleytas

    Today I lListen the podcast 89.
    I try to find where you published the 35 recomendation but at least I didnt figure out how to do it in your web site.
    Teh podcast are really good.
    Juan from Argentina.

    • Gavin Seim

      The 35 tips are in the podcast (audio) itself. They are not written down as there’s too much information… Gav