Pro Photo Podcast #85 – Photos Are Not Free

PinExt Pro Photo Podcast #85   Photos Are Not Free
King of the Valley Valley of the gods utah seim Pro Photo Podcast #85   Photos Are Not Free

No not even this photo is free – King of the Valley – Valley of the gods Utah

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Today’s Panel... Gavin SeimBarry HowellNina BeheimScott & Adina Hayne

This month the panel looks at a few news bits, understands that photos have value, reviews Photoshop CS6, our favorite lenses and more.

PPS #85 Forum Discussions Here. Share Your Opinions.

Main Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions.
  • 04:50 News and Chat.
  • 10:10 Free Photos for Alter Bridge?
  • 27:45 Photoshop CS6 Group Review.
  • 49:00 A larger format future.
  • 1:09:55 Lenses Lightning Round.
  • 1:32:55 Picks of the show.
  • 2:04:08 The After Show. Business and beyond.


LIghtroom 4.

Creative Suite CS6.

5DMK III is good. So is the Nikon D800. You decide. And check out the value of the D3200.

A pack of free LR develop presets for video.

Glif iPhone tripod mount.

The Brenizer Method. An stitched approach to the large format look (thanks to Vincent P for the link)

Bands don’t need to pay for your photos?



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  • Landon

    Good chat! Just as a followup, I added the Creative Cloud to my arsenal because the$29.95/mo for the first year was just too good to pass up. I actually use almost all the tools in the list of 17, so it is a great value to me. Lightroom 4.1 was also recently added to the Cloud apps.

    Also, I heard today that Adobe has Photoshop CS6 only for $19.95/mo for those that only need that tool.

    I still have CS5 purchased version, but use it less and less each day. I find the monthly much easier to budget than the Master Collection eventual upgrade cost.

  • Nick

    if you are looking for a good camera bag for hiking, check out F-Stop ( they have some great bags