Lightroom4 Beta now Available for Download.

LR4 Beta is officially available and you can download it free on Adobe labs. I attended a press conference a few weeks ago to see it in action, and while the changes didn’t strike me as mind boggling, there are some nice new. Here’s the highlights…

  • New Highlight and shadow recovery.
  • An actual book design module. This could be great for albums. And yes you can save projects.
  • Location-based organization and location info. Though I’ve been using the JF Geoencode plugin anyways ;)
  • Extended video support. Organizing, viewing and basic adjustments and edits to video clips. Pretty cool.
  • Soft proofing to preview how an image will look when printed with color-managed printers.
  • Localized White Balance brush, as well as a few other brush tools, but not full feature brushes.

Still no full localized control with brushes, sadly no word on network implementation, or improved support for really high res scans / stitched images. Honestly there’s a lot of wish list features I’ve heard mentioned by people that not on the list, but we can’t have it all and there’s some interesting stuff. It’s also still a beta yet. We’ll see what happens in the final… Gavin

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