Nikon Page FAIL

Gavin Seim: The folks at Nikon got a little too enthusiastic yesterday and posted this on their FB page, telling us that “A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses” Perhaps they were momentarily blinded by how the world seems to actually look at photography these days and forgot that it’s actually a skill. Oh wait, I guess it was companies like them that promoted that idea ;)

Don’t get me wrong, quality optics and the like are important considerations. But the best gear is of no value at all, unless your good enough to make it sing. If I play a Stradivarius, it still sounds something akin to cats being run over by trucks.

I’m not sure what’s more scary. That Nikon posted this. Or that 1695 people Like it. Thanks for sending us this Greg. We still love you Nikon (sorta), but really. Teach your social team about photography.

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