Pro Photo Podcast #76. The First LIVE show.

PinExt Pro Photo Podcast #76. The First LIVE show.

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itunesbadge Pro Photo Podcast #76. The First LIVE show.

Today’s Panel... Gavin SeimDenns ZerwasKerry GarrsonBarry Howel

On this roundtable we go LIVE with listeners in the chatroom and calling in. There were a few glitches but for a first live show it came off well. Lots of business talk in this one so if you don’t want to hear about things like Facebook marketing, use the time indexes below to skip segments.


live concert not PPS Im afraid Pro Photo Podcast #76. The First LIVE show.

This is a live show. Uh no, not the PPS live show. I just thought this would make the post a bit cooler ;) Gav

NOTE: Due to a double link the feed iTunes was pulling the previous episode for the first hour or so. If this happened to you, delete the redundant episode. Then right click Pro Photo Show in your podcast list and choose “Show All Podcast Episodes”. #76 will show up again and should be the updated file when you re-download.

Podcast #76 forum discussion:

Notable Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions and DZ’s Awesome intro.
  • 03:14 News and random bits.
  • 23:40. Future gear and vintage gear.
  • 33:00 Aperture presets announced and workshops info.
  • 36:30 Kerry likes the Wacom Intuos 4.
  • 42:18 Lightroom 4 Predictions.
  • 53:17 Talking about marketing and Facebook use.
  • 1:20:50. SquareUp and taking credit cards.
  • 1:32:38 Picks and gadgets.
  • 1:46:34 The after show.


Links to things we mentioned.

Gavin’s new Lightflow Aperture Presets are now available.

TinEye image search is a good tool…

Gavin’s Workshops coming this April.

Lightroom Power. April 18th Oakland
Lights & Shadows. April 16-17 Oakland CA, April 25-26 Pismo Beach CA.

64 and 128GB SD cards from Lexar.

DP Review X100 gallery.
Guy with Ansels yard sale negs agrees to stop using his name.

Patent on upload of 500 images to a gallery.

Wacom intuos 4
. Kerry likes it and so does Gavin.

Gettag photos app.

JP geotagging support. LR pluging for merging GPS data into files.

Taming the Power of Facebook pages.
Square Up credit card device.

Cowboy Studio remote flash triggers.

Canon 5D MK2 lens falling off updates.

Blackbelt Lighting Products.


OnOne Perfect resize 7. Code PRPHTPC will save you 15%.
Oyen Digital Mini Pro portable hard drive enclosure.

Expo Imaging Rouge Grid.
Sigma 8-16 mm lens. (Kerry’s review on Dojo).

Nikon P7000 compact camera.

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  • Frank

    Great show! Fun discussion and great points!

  • TonyFWhite

    With the Ansel Adams photos – my belief is that really most of Ansel’s images were created in the darkroom, he did the printing himself and turned ordinary images into the masters that we admire today. So with that in mind I can kind of understand their desire to preserve the name and level of awe there is for the name Ansel Adams.

    That’s my 2cents worth.


  • TonyFWhite

    People might also like to check out a walk-through of Ansel Adam’s darkroom