Pro Photo Podcast #74 – Crazy Awesome Image Quality

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Today’s Host... Gavin Seim.

Today we’re going in depth on digital quality and the Six Keys to Image Quality. Gavin discusses what he’s learned about getting down and getting the best image quality possible from digital files.

Gav with the new printer. The image links to the post about it.

Podcast #74 forum discussion:

Notable Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introduction. The Challenge
  • 07:05 The Six Keys to Quality.
  • 26:07 Editing Process in depth.
  • 29:18 Film resolution thoughts. More process.
  • 49:05 Thoughts on cameras, sensors & lenses.
  • 51:23 The new printer. Canon IPF8300.
  • 56:52 Picks of the week (links below)
  • 59:20 Coming workshops and closing thoughts.
  • 1:04:32 The after show.

NOTE: The Pro Photo Show Christmas contest winners will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

The Six Keys to Getting Great Image Quality.

The Fuji X100 looks really good.

A look at RAW vs JPEG.

File degradation article.

I got the printer from JVH Technical in Seattle.

Pro Photo Show Amazon Store.

HDR Photography. The new film. Not that overused fad from the 2000′s

A couple landscapes makers that use 8×10 view cams… Rodney Lough Jr Michael Fatali.

ABOVE: A crop from Sunsets Hidden Falls showing blacks and detail. The full image and process details are here.

Another example. Silver Waves of Grain. Wheat field image details and results of painting out the noise.

Bull of the Mists. An example of in image shot at ISO 3200 due to necessity.

Rouge Flash Benders.
Sun Seeker.

Gavin’s Power Workflow3 LR Presets. Use code PPS to save 15%