Pro Photo Podcast #72 – 40 Days & 40 Nights

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Today’s Host... Gavin Seim. This week Gavin gets in depth about his month and a half photo trip spanning various areas of the USA. He looks at things he saw and learned and ways to improve it all going forward.

Sunsets hidden falls. Gavin's favorite from an evening Yosemite. Did some experimenting with blacks on this. Image links to f164 post. More info in that post soon.

Podcast #72 forum discussion:

Notable Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions trip info.
  • 07:27 Verizon MiFi Pick
  • 12:03 Yellowstone
  • 17:34 Moving on and seeing things
  • 24:57 Zion area
  • 34:29 More resolution
  • 38:00 Details artifacts and light
  • 56:53 Mediums
  • 59:38 Closing

The view just outside our trailer overlooking Zion. Not a final image. Just wanted to show the view.

See images and thoughts from the trip on f164.

Our trailer (video)

Trying out the new HDR Pro from Nik. Save 15% with code PPS

Yosemite Photo. More info coming in this post.

Ghosts of Clepsydra Geyser taken in West Yellowstone.

File degradation article.

Rodney Lough Jr.

Michael Fatali.

Steffan Gallery.

Another cool place we camped in Salt Lake region. And my lovley wife setting up.

Gavin’s new Power Workflow3 LR Presets. Thanks for all the great feedback. Use code PPS to save 15%