A Photographer on the Road 30 days. What am I Doing?

by Gavin Seim – I know I’m a bit behind getting out the next Pro Photo Show. Don’t worry  though because I’m still here. We (me, my wife and two kids) have been on the road for about 30 days now, exploring and teaching. I’ve photographed from the hills on Montana to the water of the Mississippi and all over in between. It’s been amazing and I’ve been learning a lot. I plan to make it home in the next week or so and when I do getting out another PPS episode will be high priority.

So where I’ve been. From WA, through Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and into Minnesota for workshops. Back westward again down into South Dakota, Wyoming and yesterday into Utah. We’re pretty much going where we feel like but heading in the general direction of home. I have a Verizon MiFi so I’ve been able to stay amazingly connected.

For this interested in what I’m photographing and studying during all this, I’ve been posting to f164, my new travelogue and deep study journal. I’m posting images I’ve made talking techniques I’m trying and just taking it easy while talking shop.

If interested you can keep up with our daily travels via @gavinseim on Twitter. You’re also welcome to find me on FB. facebook.com/gavinseim (personal page) facebook.com/seimstudios (photography page).

So I just wanted to give everyone a shutout. Hope you’ll join me on f164 as I experiment and learn more about light during these travels. There so many interesting things about our craft and I plan to do these type of travels more in the future. Catch you soon… Gav

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