Super Workflow and Lightroom Catalogs:

by Gavin Seim: So I wrote a few articles recently over on my Seim Effects site about editing faster and managing better, and I felt they were worthy of a mention here on PPS. If you want to edit your images faster or have ever questioned the way you manage LR catalogs take a peek and you might just get something new. Enjoy… Gav

Super Workflow: The 7 Steps to Photo Editing Awesomeness:
This is an outline of pretty much everything I’ve learned about the flow of fast editing with a step by step look at how to work more efficiently. It’s geared towards LR users, but applies to most any editing workflow.

Understanding & Managing LR Catalogs. The Captain Awesome Approach:
This once again is what I have learned about catalogs. You may or may not want to use the approach I do, but either way you’ll probably learn something new about how your catalogs work.

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