Pro Photo Podcast #69 – Mastering the Craft:

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Two After the Storm. Mentioned on this episode, Gavin caught this image using his E-PL1 with a 20mm 1.7 lens. The detail and quality would be easily adaptable for a 30-40 inch canvas. Processing was done using LR and the Pickles Preset from Color Fantasies.

Today’s Host... Gavin Seim. This week Gavin look at news, the new rangefinder, Photo CS5, stolen images, education and studying, focus ideas and more.

Podcast #69 forum discussion:

Notable Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions and news
  • 09:02 Photoshop CS5
  • 19:23 Gavin’s W0rkshops
  • 23:00 Stolen Photo (see notes for link).
  • 32:37 Mastering the Craft.
  • 45:30 Talking about focus.**
  • 105:55 Outtakes.

HDR Workshop in Twin Cities MN.

Sony NEX5 looks interesting. I figure Canon  and Nikon will get into this game soon. Look out Leica, a new age of rangefinder is coming and it costs less than a grand.

Corrections to the micro four thirds talk. I have the Olympus E-PL1. I’m using the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 however, as it’s widely considered one of the best lenses and it fits both brands. Panasonic’s own body is the GF1.

**Correction to the focus discussion at 46:16. When referring to making us better photographers, I twice said “auto focus” when I meant to say “manual focus”.

OnOne $150 off sale is on the deals page.

Stolen Photos. Not an uncommon problem. Taylor Mortgage used mine on a site designed by 220 (I don’t know who’s the most at fault) The photo has not been taken down, but the bill has not been paid. This is the photo they used.

Gavin’s article about selling large wall portraits.

Geotagging device for Nikon that does not use hotshoe. Looks cool. No Canon version yet.

Barry’s article of calibrating the micro focus of your lenses.

A bunch of good books to challenge yourself with.Eyewitness Art. Composition. It may be a book for juveniles, but you’ll become a better photographer if you read it.

A Painter’s Guide to Design and Composition. It may be written with painters in mind, but it’s good stuff.

The Making of 40 Photographs. A good read from Ansel Adams.

John Singer Sargent: Portraits of the 1890’s. It’s not a cheap books, but you wont go wrong inspiring your portraiture with the masters.

Gavin’s full page ad in Venue Magazine and the ultra simple senior ad V2. Click for larger versions.