Worldwide Photo Walk 2010!

Photo Walk Logo

by Jarrod Michael Gordon

Scott Kelby and company are at it again, announcing their third annual Worldwide Photo Walk, scheduled for July 24, 2010. If you don’t know what a photo walk is just think of it as a bunch of photographers getting together to photograph a certain location. A few friends and I went on last year’s photo walk and we had a great time. We met other local photographers, professionals and hobbyists, explored a new location and compared our photos over lunch afterward. You can find my photos from last year’s photo walk on my Flickr page. Another benefit of the walk is the opportunity to enter a contest. You don’t have to submit your photos for the contest but if you do your walk leader chooses their favorite image from the photo walk and you win a prize. But, the winner also is entered into a worldwide contest to see who has the greatest photo of the entire photo walk. It’s pretty intense to have the best photo out of THOUSANDS of “photo walkers”. I highly recommend joining a photo walk in your area.

For all the details please refer to the Worldwide Photo Walk website.

For a Q & A from Scott Kelby regarding the walk please visit his blog.


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