Pro Photo Podcast #68RT – Raising The Prices

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The Panel... Gavin SeimScott & Adina HayneDennis ZerwasBarry Howell
This week the panel discusses the latest news, CS5, LR3, ways to deal with business, Facebook, marketing and more. It’s a nice long episode so some of you may want to break it up into two listens.

Podcast #68 forum discussion:

Notable Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Intro and tidbits.
  • 02:45 Talking CS5 LR3 and more
  • 21:50 70-200 MK2 and 1D MK4 (see images below).
  • 30:30 Taking about Flash and websites.
  • 38:55 Facebook, pages and business sense.
  • 1:02:38 Barry Senior Portrait market research.
  • 1:19:20 Surviving business, marketing, price talk.

Today’s Show brought to you by Seim Effects photo tools.

CS5 is coming next month.

Free Aperture Presets.

Deals page for promo codes mentioned in the show.

Check out the No Rules Workshop with Scott and Adina.

Gavins HDR workshop is going on the road.

CCS Edit for Mac is how Gavin alter WordPress.

Most if Gavs sites are built with a modded K2 theme.

TTG iPhone gallery is what Gavin used for mobile.

Set your Facebook page user name.

LR 2.7 and cam RAW 5.7 is on the Adobe updates page.

Canon 70-200 MK2 lens comparison and review.

Canon 5D MK2 vs 1D MK4 Noise Test.

Photographer jailed for not fulfilling his obligations.


Due to the length of the show we skipped picks this week. Back next time.