Nasty Photo Tips. The Flickr HDR:

PinExt Nasty Photo Tips. The Flickr HDR:

by Gavin Seim: Most of us need a little therapy now and then. I decided it was time to stop the grueling labor and have some fun so I made this little video for the Seim Effects site. You’ll get something from this video. A laugh, a cringe or at least a little Déjà vu. If you visit the post on Seim Effects you can even download the ugly presets for free. Enjoy.

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ad pw slim Nasty Photo Tips. The Flickr HDR:

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  • Keith

    thanks I just download them and converted all my images, posting to flickr now…. instant hero :)

  • Jo

    Thanks for the great laugh and the new preset to play with!!

  • Sunbuddha

    For some reason, I couldn’t sense the sarcasm…What happened? Not an HDR lover? lol

  • Bruno Monteiro

    Really enjoyed the jokes! I too am going to be a HDR Flickr Mastaa! :)

  • Neil Gaudet

    that is awesome. You have just single handedly saved the photo industry! :)

  • Dean

    I dont get it? Neither funny or helpful? I’d love to “LOL” too like the others.

  • Sami Calkins

    Absolutely screaming with laughter, tears running down my face funny. The things only the pros know!

  • David

    So you make fun of people who generate HDR’s on Flickr by creating a preset that looks similar? I don’t see the point. If you want to complain about how crappy they look then go ahead, but this is just a waste of everyones time. A more constructive approach would be to create a proper HDR tutorial or how to get a similar but less over the top effect in LR. You may already have that at this website, but honestly I was just surfing through the first page and found this – and now I will be leaving the site. Yea, HDRs are way overdone, and they look horrible most of the time. Don’t worry about it – improve your own work and look just that much better then the people who do this.

  • Justin

    lol great vid man.