Talking Large Prints on Camera Dojo:

PinExt Talking Large Prints on Camera Dojo:

dogologo Talking Large Prints on Camera Dojo:by Gavin Seim: I recently joined David and Kerry over on the Camera Dojo podcast to talk about making and selling large wall portraits and canvas pieces. I’ve been chatting about this quite a lot these days because it’s become so relevant to my business. Large prints sell and they look spectacular doing it.

Head over to Dojo and check it out. I apologize for in advance my hyperactivity. It was not coffee. I’ve just been very excited about large prints. Once you make and sell a few you’ll probably understand. Also take a peek at my recent article on large prints. Be prepared however. This has been the most hotly discussed topic ever on Pro Photo Show. I’m sticking to my guns because I know from recent experience that large prints sell and make sense. That said there’s no law against disagreeing with me. Enjoy… Gav

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