Pro Photo Podcast #60RT, Not Wearing Pants:

PinExt Pro Photo Podcast #60RT, Not Wearing Pants:

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The Panel... Gavin SeimTom Hogarty (LR product manager) – Dennis ZerwasRalph Barret
This week we talk about the E-P1, Lightroom, video becoming more than a weekend warrior and selling quality.

Podcast #60 forum discussion:

Notable Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions and news.
  • 20:27 OEM vs Aftermarket batteries.
  • 23:30 Lightroom.
  • 42:10 Video talk/Lightroom
  • 1:20:00 Moving Onward
  • 1:34:10 Competing, weekend warriors/The large print rant.
  • 1:53:55 Picks of the week
  • 2:07:30 Show ends. After show starts.
  • 2:18:30 Not Wearing Pants


Olympus E-P1 is turning heads.

Pentax K7 SLR looks cool.

Tom explains Lightroom slowing image exports.

Hollywood Effects 2 and Portraitist actions are now available.

HDR workshop coming in the Fall.

Pro Photo Show has lots of vendor discounts. See the deals page.

Picks of the week…

Did I miss any links?

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  • Jerry Johnson

    One of the reason I quit portrait photography 12 years ago was that I was tired of doing spec. work photography. I thought, because of the advent of digital, portrait photographers would have started charging by the job, similar to commercial photographers. But I find portrait photographers are still charging by the inch and are never sure how much they are going to get paid for a job. How we should be paid is by the job and not by the size or quantity of prints. If I spend 3 hours working on a job, I should be sure I will be getting paid x for those 3 hours of work. I hope that in the next 12 years, portrait photographers will come up with a better business model. Just my opinion. I may be just a bitter old fart that sucks at sales.