Welcome to Isaiah. Our New Writer:

PinExt Welcome to Isaiah. Our New Writer:

by Gavin Seim: I’d like to formally welcome Isaiah Taylor to the PPS team of writers. I’ve been working to increase our numbers lately, to bring the PPS community more content and perspectives about photography. I think it’s great to have people from various walks of their careers share ideas and inspirations. Here’s a few words straight from our new writer.

“I am a 26 year old photography student from Cleveland, OH.  I have been a photographer for 8 years; with emphasis on documentary photography.  I have documented the bboy community for 8 years which is just as long as I have personally been a participant.”

As you’ll see in the feed, Isaiah has already posted a some content and I’m eager to see what comes from him in the future. You can also check out other memebers of the PPS tean over on the about page. Here’s to more  and more great content on Pro Photo Show… Gav

ad lf slim Welcome to Isaiah. Our New Writer:

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  • http://www.itbrog.com Isaiah

    Thanks for the welcome! And I am super psyched to contribute to PPS.

  • http://www.dv8ed.com Hal Schroeder

    Hey Isaiah cant wait to see your post on here!!! I am also from Cleveland!!!