Pro Photography Podcast #56 Roundtable. Nerds, Ziser & Outer Space:

PinExt Pro Photography Podcast #56 Roundtable. Nerds, Ziser & Outer Space:

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itunesbadge Pro Photography Podcast #56 Roundtable. Nerds, Ziser & Outer Space:
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Gavin Seim
Kerry GarrisonDennis ZerwasDavid ZiserBrady Dillsworth

midnight seattle panoramic seim l Pro Photography Podcast #56 Roundtable. Nerds, Ziser & Outer Space:

This week we talk about some great new gear and goodies, as well as hear cool tips from some great guests including the one and only David Ziser. Here’s all the glorious links and there’s a lot of them.

Podcast #56 forum discussion:


Digital Wakeup Call. Discount with promo code: ZGSDWC09

OnOne Software 15% off: Use Promo Code PRPHTPC

Photomatix Pro from HDR Soft. Save 15% with code PPS15

Cool stuff from PMA 2009:

7″ Album. Portable Photo Viewer. Would be a great client presentation tool.
David also mentioned a similar product by Digital Foci.

The Spyder Cube. Color target.


California Sunbounce. Light manipulation tools.

Hahnemuhle do it yourself gallery wraps look really cool. (found them on B&H).

I also found some videos on Hahnemuhle’s news page. And a PMA video over at CameraTown.

Trek Tek monopod .

Kerry like the Sensor Clear and Sensor Pen from Lenspen.

Acratech tripod heads looks cool and well made.

More Links:

Brady is working on The Conversations Book.

KungFu Photo is live

Gavin’s HDR training workshop in the Fall

PPS Article about the Leica experience.

Vincent LaForet 5D MK II video

Westcott Spriderlites

Seim Effects is having their Spring sale.

Photomatix 3.0 (see discount above).

Noise software shootout review.

Dennis has a new website made with ShowIt Sites

Camera Dojo website and podcast (Kerry’s)


Ziser: is a cool site

Gavin: Collage maker. It’s free, makes cool collages and is cross platform.

Dennis: Dtown from the Photoshop Guys a new Nikon show.

Brady: Write In The Rain waterproof paper.

Did I miss any links?

ad pw slim Pro Photography Podcast #56 Roundtable. Nerds, Ziser & Outer Space:

  • Don

    I have used Nikon for over thirty years and agree that the people in their booths are rude and unhelpfull.

    Regarding your experiences at PMA.
    The people in the booths at trade shows know all about their compeditors products. They do not respond to requests to compare their products to them because it is not good form to trash talk another person’s product. You can bet the people you were trying to get to compare their products to their competitors had to hold their tongues. All products have trade-offs. Deciding which ones are more important is up to the consumer.

    For instance, if someone came to your shop and asked why they should hire you instead of your competition, I hope you would prefer to let your work speak for itself instead of talking down your competition. Or would you honestly say if your competitors were better at some things and send them away?

    Cheers, Don

  • Adam

    The conversation about video is one that I loved hearing about.

    I totally agree with David about the power of video mixed in with photos. It shouldn’t be hard for a photographer to learn to edit video. I think still and video cameras are going to make a complete convergence in the next decade and its important for photogs to learn both.

    Programs like iMovie are designed for people who have no clue how to edit video so it shouldn’t be too hard for photographers to pick it up. When video professionals are impressed with the power of iMovie 09, photographers should and definitely can use it to do everything that they need to do. If you use Aperture, your entire organized library is available to drag and drop into a sideshow without even leaving iMovie.

    I only use a Mac so im not educated about what cheap software is or isn’t good for editing video on a PC but I can say that I do use both Final Cut Pro and Premier. Both of which aren’t very hard to learn.

  • Shawn Grimes

    Just wanted to say that even though the show was long, I still enjoyed it immensely. There aren’t many shows where people are talking about the business of photography, too often its focused on gadgets and what not to appeal to the amateurs and hobbyist but I really appreciate the direction and focus of your show. Easily one of my favs and I look forward to the round tables all the time. Thanks again for your hard work.

  • TiMc

    Agree with Adam, the meld of video and photography is coming. I have a different veiwpoint on what this means. My veiw is the one click or 5 or so frames per second drive mode will be replaced by 24 or 32 frames per second shutters. A specific frame could then be selected for print. From a wedding perspective – no more eyes closed by one of a dozen guests in the shot. Posing will be greatly inhanced as slight variations can be selected for print. Albums will also change. There will be small screens in the covers, possibly on pages to allow for video clips and slide shows. Yes it’s coming no less than digital and it’s adapt or be left behind. We need to stay on the cutting edge and think of ways to market the new products and services.

  • Luke


    I just wanted to let you know that this last show was my favorite one so far. You had some great guests. Keep up the great work.