Pro Photography Podcast #56 Roundtable. Nerds, Ziser & Outer Space:

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On Todays Show:
Gavin Seim
Kerry GarrisonDennis ZerwasDavid ZiserBrady Dillsworth


This week we talk about some great new gear and goodies, as well as hear cool tips from some great guests including the one and only David Ziser. Here’s all the glorious links and there’s a lot of them.

Podcast #56 forum discussion:


Digital Wakeup Call. Discount with promo code: ZGSDWC09

OnOne Software 15% off: Use Promo Code PRPHTPC

Photomatix Pro from HDR Soft. Save 15% with code PPS15

Cool stuff from PMA 2009:

7″ Album. Portable Photo Viewer. Would be a great client presentation tool.
David also mentioned a similar product by Digital Foci.

The Spyder Cube. Color target.


California Sunbounce. Light manipulation tools.

Hahnemuhle do it yourself gallery wraps look really cool. (found them on B&H).

I also found some videos on Hahnemuhle’s news page. And a PMA video over at CameraTown.

Trek Tek monopod .

Kerry like the Sensor Clear and Sensor Pen from Lenspen.

Acratech tripod heads looks cool and well made.

More Links:

Brady is working on The Conversations Book.

KungFu Photo is live

Gavin’s HDR training workshop in the Fall

PPS Article about the Leica experience.

Vincent LaForet 5D MK II video

Westcott Spriderlites

Seim Effects is having their Spring sale.

Photomatix 3.0 (see discount above).

Noise software shootout review.

Dennis has a new website made with ShowIt Sites

Camera Dojo website and podcast (Kerry’s)


Ziser: is a cool site

Gavin: Collage maker. It’s free, makes cool collages and is cross platform.

Dennis: Dtown from the Photoshop Guys a new Nikon show.

Brady: Write In The Rain waterproof paper.

Did I miss any links?