Hitler Angry: Is the D3X Really To Blame?

PinExt Hitler Angry: Is the D3X Really To Blame?

The D3X is here. I don’t wanna get into the global politics of it all, but I felt this was worth reporting on.  While I’m a Canon guy, I think Nikon makes great systems. Still, the cost of the D3X for what it offers… It does seem a bit spendy.

Frankly though I don’t blame Nikon for this outburst. I think the guy has way bigger problems. Enjoy

Here’s the YouTube link.

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  • gregg

    What a hoot.

  • http://www.leighgraphics.net Elliott


    That is so funny! Where did you find this? Or is this one of your creations. Hilarious because of all the photography humor!

  • http://Livingimage.biz Sam v

    I would be the creator of that piece! Just browsing the blogs and found you all. Glad you enjoy it!

  • Dz

    So to be fair Gavin, do you think the current EOS-1Ds Mark III is a bit spendy for what IT offers? Canon is still charging close to $7k for their top of the line camera which was released over a year ago, November 2007. Unless you need all those megapixels for your type of photography, might I interest you in a D700? Right this way…

    Lastly, if you think something is too expensive, whether it be a top of the line camera body or a “mint condition” Ultimate Warrior poster, DON’T BUY IT!!!

  • http://www.prophotoshow.net prophotoshow

    Nice Sam. Great job… Gav

  • http://www.prophotoshow.net prophotoshow

    DZ I think that based on the 5D MKII and what it offer for 2700, that the Canon is too expensive. I also think that Canon is gonna be updating the 1 series line soon so it offers more.

    I think what many are annoyed about (not me so much) is that this is Nikon’s new offering and does not offer much more yest costs a load.

    Personally I think it probably has a nych market, and will sell though I agree that for what it offers it seems a lot.

    For the record I would have posted with video with equal enthusiasm if it had been about a Canon… Gav