Staying Inspired: Does your photography get burnt out?

I want photography to always feel like play, even though I’m getting paid to do it. Often what separates work from play is how we think of it, and changing how we think is not always easy. Good photographers are photographers because they love photography (say that three times fast)

As a professional photographer with a growing business, I often find myself needing to step back and review. What, how and why am I shooting? Obviously I want to to make a living, but in the hustle the stress of keeping clients thrilled I can forget that I’m doing a job I love, and start thinking all business. Being paid for something you love doing is a real blessing, and many of us have worked/are working hard to attain that.

I think it’s easy to get burnt out if you don’t try new things. When you get burnt out that means you’re less creative, and passionate about photography. Both you and your clients suffer for that.

Lately I’m turning to nature and landscape. If I MAKE time to go and just shoot, I relax and start to think about my work. It breaks the mold and helps me learn new things that I can apply to my “real” jobs. Sure I sell my nature photography, but I don’t really make any money from it. It’s just my way of slowing down remembering what a beautiful world God has built around me and that I became a photographer, not to worry about how much money I make per hour, but because I love photography.

Not always nature. A few minutes ago I went out in the backyard with my wife and shot portraits using only my 50mm 1.4. It was a way for me to experiment and learn, but without deadlines or requirements. Once I started It was really fun and my wife loves the attention; double win. The problem is that often I put such things aside because I feel I’ve been shooting more than enough with other jobs.

Maybe you’re with the crowd who’s not trying new things, but should be. Or maybe your somebody who doesn’t easily get burnt out and can stay relaxed. Or maybe I’m just a stress case and nobody else deals with this. Speaking of relaxing, I’m off to call a square dance. Relaxing doesn’t always have to be photography you know :)

What do you do to stay inspired, relaxed and on your toes? Let’s hear it in the comments.

by Gavin Seim

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