Adobe CS4 Officially Announced

PinExt Adobe CS4 Officially Announced

cs4 Adobe CS4 Officially Announced

Today Adobe hosted a live online presentation of the up coming Creative Suite 4. It kinda failed on that side. For me (and others) it was so choppy and slow that it was unwatchable. Still the new features have been announced and though we’re not seeing a exact release date yet you can probably expect it soon.

There’s lots inside, though this update looks mainly evolutionary and not revolutionary. There’s some good videos over on the CS4 learning center that you can check out to get a visual.

A few of the things we’ll see are…

  • Interface update:
  • A new adjustment layers panel:
  • Mask Panel:
  • New 3d features:
  • Updates to Bridge:
  • Focus Blending (from multiple images):
  • And one of my favorites, Content Aware image scaling (this is like the Liquid Resize product we saw talked about last year:

So, what do you think? Super. Blah. Overpriced. Are you gonna get it? What are your favorite new features? Post up those comments folks.

ad ex slim Adobe CS4 Officially Announced

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  • Sanssoucy

    I think Adobe is at the tipping point with respect to these “new versions” of Photoshop. Maybe I speak only for myself, but it almost seems like CS1 had 95% of all the photo-editing features I ever used, and CS2 had 99% of them, and CS3 had 99.9999999%. You reach a point of diminishing returns, and – coupled with Adobe’s decision to offer tech support only for ungodly amounts of cash – it’s almost as though the new version is more trouble than it’s worth.

    Photoshop, from my perspective, has reached the point Microsoft Word did a decade ago; given my *real usage* of the product, it’s already got all the stuff I ever bought it for.

  • Firetoole

    I work in graphics and @ my company we have 1 copy of CS3 so we can convert files people send us to CS2

  • MikeCzech(Michael Strestik)

    To be Honest I think it will be lot of Fun to have New CS. When CS2 came out i have had a lot of “FUN” time Finding thing’s and so did other people i know :-D it was exactly the same when CS3 came out. I think it will be the same with CS4 and what is More exciting then having some more time cut off because you can’t find things the first few months when you have EXACT time’s/dates and other Time limitations to finish/hand in your work. YAY for Interface changes every few years!

    THANKS A LOT ADOBE! You bring some more excitement to my life!(Pretty Please adobe don’t forget to change some key short cuts or menu structures)