Canon 5D Mark2 is here: Canon bites back (UPDATED)

PinExt Canon 5D Mark2 is here: Canon bites back (UPDATED)

text en Canon 5D Mark2 is here: Canon bites back (UPDATED)

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but sooner finally arrived A bit later that some had expected, but it came. The Canon 5D MK II is official, and looking really good. It’s been announced for Nov release. Here’s my favorite highlights.

Update 11/08: The MK II is said to be shipping mid to lat November. The date is not solid as of this update.

  • 21.1-megapixel full frame sensor:
  • DIGIC 4 processor, significantly lower noise, ISO range of 50 to 25,600:
  • 1920 x 1080 HD video capture with mic input:
  • 3.9 frames per second (14 frame Raw burst):
  • 15-point Autofocus:
  • 3.0-inch Clear View LCD:
  • Live View Shooting:
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer (helps even out harsh lighting):
  • 10.0 & 5.2 megapixel sRaw mode:
  • Integrated Cleaning System:
  • Update: IR Wireless Trigger
  • Update: Auto ISO settings
  • Update: Image copyright metadata support

UPDATE2: With MK II Samples

Delivery is scheduled by the end of Nov. Body only price will be around $2700 USD. Kit version with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS  lens will be around $3500 USD

On a personal note I can say that I can’t wait to get this in my hands. Canon took too long to get it here, but from the look of it they’ll be back in the contenders ring with Nikon. Since this is their #2 pro body. I’m curious what the new 1D will bring us. It can’t be far behind, since the specs on this would turn the current 1D into an electronic oldie. There’s a few more views of the new MK2 below. What ya think? Lets get the comments rolling.

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Canon also announced:

The Powershot G10. Replacing the popular favorite, the G9 in the high end point and shoot line. The press realease was a bit short on detail, but we do know it features…
– 14.7 megapixels and 3.0-inch Pure Color LCD
– Digic 4 processor� for lower noise (not many details yet)

Also announced was a new EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM Lens that will retail for around $1600 USD. As well as updates to the consumer line including the SX10 IS, SD990, and SD880 point and shoot model. Pretty straight forward, but you can see pics on Engadget.

20080917 lores 5dmkii 3q Canon 5D Mark2 is here: Canon bites back (UPDATED)

ad ss slim Canon 5D Mark2 is here: Canon bites back (UPDATED)

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  • Maxim Photo Studio

    Video is not needed. Also CFII, SD, both? 15 points AF seems low when compared with MKIII or D3. Lastly, why not a full pro body?

  • prophotoshow

    Maxim video is actually going to be a great asset for a LOT of shooters. The ability to shoot HD clips with external mics, and keep using the same lenses will be great.

    SD and CF are common now in high end systems. Some people shoot RAW on a CF, and small JPEG’s on an SD etc. Also SD is getting popular so it makes it more versatile. so that’s good.

    As not a not full pro body I don’t really know what you mean. These are serious specs. Of course their not going to give it all the features of the 1D series (which is the D3 competition) I expect the next 1D will be announced real soon. Why on earth would they give it all the same features? :smile:


  • Chris

    I believe they gave it the same specs because Nikon gave the D700 almost the same specs as the D3. Yeah, the dual card thing rocks whether its 2 CF or 1 CF / 1 SD, I just wish it would become standard on all Pro and Pro-Sumer camera’s. However, I’m still a little disappointed with this release, I expected a bigger response to Nikon’s Auto Focus system and FPS. Oh well, let’s talk about how great our lens’ are!!!! Where you at Nikon?

  • Jason

    Sweetness. That is really exciting. I would love to try out the video mode with some of my lenses im sure you can get some really cool effects. I would also love to mess around with the 25k iso. mwahahaha. Im hoping to get my hands on one.

  • dennis

    Let me just start by saying:Finally! Looks like Canon came through on the specs for most shooters, now lets see some examples of the “significantly lower noise.” To be fair, this camera’s specs should be compared to Canon’s 5D and the Nikon D700. Not the MkIII or Nikon D3.

    I’d be surprised if every new DSLR body release or upgrade in the future from Nikon or Canon did not include HD video capabilities. That’s just where it’s headed. Even as a Nikon shooter I’m excited to see what Canon drops next. It’s been said a thousand times on the show, “Competition is good.”

    Besides, it has almost as many megapixels as the Nikon D3 and D700 combined so it has to be way better, right? :grin:

  • Ben

    It’s about time Canon came out with a competitor to the D700 but to me it just seems like Canon is only interested in mega-pixels. ISO 25,600 looks good on paper but how usable is it. How many pro photogs outside of the fashion world really need 21 MP. Your cramming more photosites onto the same size sensor making them smaller and more susceptible to noise. But who know, when we start seeing photos from people other then Canon that might change.

  • Canonball

    5D MkII and D700 are both great cameras, with the 5D scoring on pixels and the D700 on AF operation and probably speed. Also I’d expect that the D700 will still be better in high ISOs, for the fewer pixels. For me personally the built-in flash of the D700 is a big pro, for just a quick shot here and there and also as fill-in. Then again, a big pro for the 5D is the greater choice of lenses in that semi-pro segment – I’m thinking of the f/4 ones like 24-105 and 70-200, even fitted with IS. There Nikon is really a bummer!!

    A good thing right now is the price of the 5D, which will – as opposed to Sony’s – move the market a bit.

  • MikeCzech(Michael Strestik)

    I totally Agree video is absolutely not needed We are photographers not Movie makers. Most people will use it just once or twice since they will be like “WOW this is new what is it”
    Dual slot ROCK’S i love memory redundancy best thing that could happen. Backing up your HD to 3 Different HD’s is kinda pointless when you have nothing to back up :-D “when your memory card failed that is” To be honest The memory card was the weakest link in the back up chain, and as we all know The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


  • prophotoshow

    If someone does not want to use the video they don’t have to (though I think even the complainers will) Don’t understand why people are getting knots in their shorts over a cool added feature. I think it’s great.. Gav

  • Max Surikov

    I stand corrected on my video statement earlier. This is a must have. Ofcourse, this means that I need to invest in additional UDMA cards.

  • Eddy Robinson

    “I totally Agree video is absolutely not needed We are photographers not Movie makers.”

    Then again some of us are primarily movie makers who are interested in using the 5d to produce video as well as take stills. Don’t like it? Don’t use it.

  • Greg Newmark

    amazing stuff thanx :)

  • Isaiah

    Very interested in the many ways artists are going to manip the video function.

  • John

    Video is not needed? The lines are being crossed now. Don’t think for a second that every single release form this point on will not have video mode. These cameras are in direct competition with pro video cameras and are better in many ways optically already. Net result, with video mode, canon and nikon are taking a big bite out of the video camera market which gives them higher sales. With out video mode they are just selling to photographers, which they’ve doing for ever already. That’s like just selling to only men and not women. Include video mode and you’ve almost doubled your sales. By next year every videographer will have a dslr to shoot video with. I know I will…and the bonus to me is I won’t have to have a separate camera for photography and video production…and I can use the same glass on both.

    To the snobby photogs…better get used to direct competition with videographers who can also shoot stills. You’d better learn both or you’ll be at a total disadvantage.

  • Yvonne

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