Sony Launches the A900. Their First Full Frame SLR

SOny D900We know that Sony has been pushing hard towards the DSLR market that Canon and Nikon have pretty well cornered. They have now announced the D900, their first full frame pro level version.

Inside we find 25 megapixels, a 3 inch screen, 5fps, Minolta (as well as their own) lens support and built in steady shot. Some pretty solid specs, but it looks like Sony is still going to be a step behind the big boys in terms of at least high ISO shooting. Sony is coming against a tough crowd with this 3k SLR, and people won’t go easy. Still their looking to be a future contender in this space.

DPReview has a nice little hands on. This seems like a nice body, with some good things going for it. If Sony sticks with this, and doesn’t pull any stupid stunts akin to adding invasive DRM to our lenses or images (wink) they may really go somewhere in the pro market. We’ll keep and eye on them, and if any of you are using Sony bodies let us know what you think!

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