Canon 5D MK2, 7D, or other Pro Bodies Coming Soon.



 (UPDATE) There’s also a Canon teaser that shows an image of an unknown camera. Apparently this teaser is active. The moon gets a little fuller each day, and when it’s gets to a certain point you can see the Camera. Kinda silly, also a good way to get attention (thanks Mad’s)

Apperentally Canon is feeling the heat of Nikon’s fire these days, and they want people to know their working on it and that good stuff is just around the corner. Either that or their just trying to be Apple!

Their promoting “something soon” in the  on some of their sites. One banner reads “The EOS story continues… See the future of photography… Stay tuned. Not much, but at least we know something on the way.

If the rumor mill is right, we should see new gear announced around the 9th of this month (Sept) Time will tell however. I’m inclined to think that’s right. Thanks to on friends at Camera Dojo.

UPDATE: Here’s a pretty good post on Northlight Images with a roundup of various rumors.

 Gavin Seim

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