More Rumors Abound. The new Nikon D90 – CONFIRMED


Update 08.26.08: Rumors are turning up true right and left. USA today let out the dirt on the D90. Most the specs look pretty normal, except this baby also shoots HD video clips. Not a bad add on. Looks like another win for Nikon. Here’s their official press release.

I think most of us are getting a bit tired of rumors, but I always try to keep reader from both Canon & Nikon camps up to date on the bigger ones.

Engadget is reporting on this shot the the Nikon D90 that seems to have been leaked on Targets website. It supposed to sport a 12mp sensor, 3″ lcd, 11 AF points, and ISO 3200. Nothing too earth shaking, but this should be a nice incremental upgrade. Besides, Nikon’s been sending out some pretty crazy stuff lately. They don’t all have to be ground breaking. Do they?

Gavin Seim

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