Canon EOS 50D coming soon -CONFIRMED-


 * 08.26.08 UPDATE! The 50D is official via Canon’s press release.  Shipping in Oct. Here’s the product page on Canon’s site.

This is yet another Canon rumor, but it does seem to have decent foundation. It seems these pics of the up coming 50D were leaked on Canon’s Japan website. It seems to me that the 40D just came out, but I guess with Canon having now fallen behind Nikon in the game,it stands to reason the whole line will be revamped.

Rumor has it this will be a 15mp body with ISO levels up to 12,800. This makes sense since it would be pitting itself against the Nikon D300.

The world is still waiting on the 5D MK2 (7D), and here we are talking about a EOS 50D. I say their both likely to be released late this summer, to fall. Canon has to make a move soon, but again, just rumors. More on Engadet, and Gizmondo. Thanks to FullMetal in the forums.

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