Pro Photo Show is taking on the World

world.jpgWe already get a significant amount of traffic from photographers across the globe. It’s easy to be so used to your own language that you just think it’s normal for everyone. English is automatic for me, but not for everyone.

I was reviewing stats last night and decided it was time to look into more choices for our non US photo friends. In the last 30 days PPS has had visitors from 126 countries.

I was up till 2:30 last night and now if you look to the left you’ll see the language panel. Just click your a flag, and the page will be translated into one of 21 languages. Thanks to the Global Translator The system sends the text to a translation engine, and then the site caches it. For that reason you may have to return in a few minutes to get the translation. Here’s and example of our popular Lightroom Preset Directory translated to Spanish.

Are the translations perfect? I doubt it, but it brings us one step closer to each other across the globe and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m also working on implementing thisĀ  feature on our sister site Seim Effects. There’s still more to be done of course. The podcast is English only of course, but we making progress, and who knows what future technolighy will bring us.

Gavin Seim

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