Seim Effects Free Presets, Actions, on Facebook

Seim Effects, our sister site has a cool new deal for fans. Many of use PPS listeners and readers use the Seim Effects workflow, and not their on Facebook.

“Here’s the plan. I make a LOT of effects, some of which don’t make the final collections, and many of which do. For Seim Effects club members I’m going to be sending out free goodies for you to try out, and hopefully give feedback on so you can have your say in future releases. Also for being a part of the club you’ll get special discounts and promotions.

All you have to do is become a Seim Effects fan on Facebook. Also you can follow me on Twitter to get updates, cool stuff, and a stream of cool photo related ideas and links. Join us on both!”

Of course you cal also fan Pro Photo Show on their facebook page as well ;) the link for that is in the upper left nav bar.

It’s FREE! So join the club. Here’s the links

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