Cool Product Of The Week. Kenko Extension Tubes!

419ffbsjutl_ss500_.jpgExtension tubes allow you to put a spacer between your lens and your body this giving you a close macro focus distance.

Canon sells these, but there a bit pricey, so I decided to try the Kenko brand. They work great! You still maintain the contacts with the lens so you have all the metering and AF (though manual focus generally works better when your shooting a macro). You aren’t adding any glass in between, so image quality stays good, and the tube attached just like a lens.

Now if your really into macro a dedicated lens would doubtless be better, but these tubes are pretty cool. I just stick a 25mm tube on my lens, and I’m off to the races! I find my 24mm works best on the 50mm range lens.Wider angels don;t seem to like the tube, but I think the 12mm might work better for those.

You can the the whole set of 3 for Canon, or Nikon off Amazon for about 160- bucks (as of writing) Or you can just get one tube and see what you think. If your getting one I’d say start with the 12mm, or 24mm for Canon or Nikon

Here’s a shot I took this morning with a 24mm tube on my Canon 50mm. I’ve always thought macro was cool, this is a great way to play with it and get great results..

macro toothpicks

Gavin Seim