Cool product of the week. Rocket Air, Clean your DSLR sensor.

Rocket AirPeople often ask me how to clean the dust that causes image spots, off their digital camera sensors. There are many more dangerous and or expensive methods, but this usually works for me.

Rocket Air is my recommendation of the week. It’s a hand blower that actually works. Really well! I mean it packs a punch.I just lock my mirror up, and give it some good blasts of air. Unlike canned air this does not run out, and there’s no propellant. Canned air is not recommended for senors, but this thing is great for them.

Aside from cleaning your senors you’ll soon be blowing all kinds of stuff, like the dust out of your keyboard. If your like me you’ll like it so much you’ll start blowing it in your kids face, and shooting air into your mouth to see what different sounds you can make.

It’s all over the net, but you can find Rocket Air here on Amazon for only about twelve bucks. This is one of my favorite handy dandy drawer gadgets.

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