Burn & Dodge Magic Video

PinExt Burn & Dodge Magic Video

Just posted over at Seim Effects is a free video about using burn and dodge to control light and dimension in your image.

Burn and dodge is an overlooked tool, and it’s true we see images all the time that need it. It’s not hard to apply, and it doesn’t take long to transform an image with burn & dodge and get that final magic! Yep even with those HDR images.

Watch the video
vid Burn & Dodge Magic Video

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  • http://tomjanz.blogspot.com/ Tom Janz

    Awesome Video!

  • http://L7Foto.com Kerry Garrison

    Very well done Gavin! I see so many people try to do tutorials like that and most aren’t worth the download, but this one was really well done with a perfect topic. Extremely nice work.

  • Justin Eaton

    Wow, didn’t know who useful burn and dodge was. Great video.