Wedding Tip Wednesday #1: Get Lit

Wicked WeddingWelcome to the inaugural post of Wedding Tip Wednesdays. My goal is to share helpful little tips and tricks pertaining to photographing weddings. While these tips and tricks are intended for photographers of all skill levels, those considering sticking their toe into the wedding photography waters and newby wedding photographers will probably get the most out of these. You may even find that some of these tips will spill over to other types of photography besides weddings. Some topics will be broad while others, like this first one here, will be random, simple, and straight to the point.

Todays tip features a piece of equipment that those of us who use non-battery power lights or strobes, use at every wedding shot indoors. It’s an extension cord. Seriously? Yes, stick with me. What I have noticed, especially in some of the older historic churches, is that after plugging in an extension cord and then strategically weaving it under the maze of pews back to my lights only to realize that when I tried to fire up the lights…no power. The hunt for another working power outlet soon followed. Irritating and time consuming.

My solution: Use an extension cords that feature “power-on indicator lights.” This is basically a fancy way of saying that the female end of the extension cord has a little built in LED that lights up when plugged into a live outlet. In a day where time is of the essence, this little tip might just save you ten minutes that you could spend creating more beautiful images.

Power-On Indicator Extension Cord

You can find a pretty decent selection of these types of cords at your nearest big box home building stores. Prices will vary depending on length and gauge of the cord. Always be sure to use an extension cord that can handle your lighting set up (duh.)

As always, if you have questions, comments, or ideas/techniques of your own that you would like to share, please leave a comment below.


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